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What CBD Product Is Best For Counteracting Too Much THC?

According to the results of a 2018 study conducted by researchers in Serbia, CBD may reduce the ability of THC and other cannabinoids to bind to CB1 receptors. This suggests that consuming CBD while being too high from THC may reduce the effects of THC. Getting too high is a real possibility for newbies and people returning to cannabis after a long break. Fortunately, there are things that people can do, with varying results, if they get too high from cannabis, including consuming CBD.

Thankfully, CBD products are widely available almost everywhere. However, not all of them are created equal and how they are consumed makes a big difference regarding how fast the CBD from the products reaches your cannabinoid receptors. Those factors are examined below.

Eating CBD Versus Inhaling It

CBD products come in many forms these days, from every type of edible imaginable to flowers to vape products to truly ridiculous products such as CBD firewood, toothpicks, and undergarments. Disregard the CBD firewood, toothpicks, and undergarments as they will do nothing to help you if you are wanting to consume CBD for the purpose of counteracting THC.

When CBD or any other cannabinoid is eaten it takes quite a bit of time for the CBD to be digested in your stomach, enter your bloodstream, and then travel to your cannabinoid receptors. When CBD is inhaled, either by smoking CBD flower or inhaling CBD from a vape source, it travels straight through your nervous system to your cannabinoid receptors in a much faster manner compared to when it goes through your digestive system. Inhaling CBD doesn’t guarantee that it will sober you up quickly, however, it does guarantee that the CBD will get to your receptors faster than if you ate CBD.

What Is A Quality CBD Product?

Determining if a CBD product is quality or junk is very tricky. With so many CBD products out there, and many of them having crafty marketing strategies, it’s tough to know if it is the real deal or not. The best way to know if it is a quality product is if it can be easily determined where and how the CBD was sourced, and that the source itself was quality. That information should be readily available with a quick Google search. If you keep running into dead ends, it’s likely a sign that the CBD product is junk.


When it comes to being too high from cannabis, it is absolutely vital to know that no one has ever died from too much THC and that eventually, the effects will wear off. Check out a previous article that we published regarding how long the effects of cannabis last when you eat it or inhale it.