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Will Dual Draft Integrated Airflow Be On Season 3 Of “Growing Belushi”?

KELSEYVILLE, Calif.March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dual Draft Integrated Airflow, the leading provider of integrated microclimate and drainage solutions to the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry, today announced they will be featured on “Growing Belushi” the Discovery series about Jim Belushi’s budding multi-state cannabis enterprise.

The Dual Draft Integrated Airflow System was installed on Belushi’s Farm, Jim’s flagship operation in Eagle Point, Oregon, to help Jim, his family, and his dedicated team ensure the healthy cultivation of high-quality cannabis crops and products.

Mark Doherty and the Dual Draft team saved the day,” said Jim Belushi. “We got it all on film in Season 3, Episode 5 of Growing Belushi.”

See a 30 sec sneak peek here.

“Growing Belushi” Season 3, Episode 5 features Dual Draft installing the patented Dual Draft Airflow System to improve yield, quality, consistency, and plant health, without increasing operational expense.

“It was an opportunity of a lifetime to meet Jim Belushi, an amazing man of many talents – actor, singer, and now legal cannabis farmer,” said Greg Panella, CEO of Dual Draft. “Jim and his team are making their mark in the industry and spreading the benefits of legalized cannabis. We are thrilled to be featured on ‘Growing Belushi’ and honored Jim installed Dual Draft’s technology at Belushi’s Farm.”

Dual Draft is the patented solution for the two most pressing issues reducing the economic viability of indoor and greenhouse farming, poor drainage and microclimates. Jim and his team called on Dual Draft after recognizing that the plants in their mother and vegetative rooms were in need of support.

“Jim runs a tight ship and drives a hard bargain; it wasn’t the easiest job we’ve done,” noted Mark Doherty, COO of Dual Draft. “We definitely hit some roadblocks along the way, but I think ‘Growing Belushi’ viewers will be really interested to see a rare behind the scenes look at the realities of commercial cultivation.”

The new “Growing Belushi” season premieres April 5, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. See a sneak peek here.

About Dual Draft Integrated Airflow
The Dual Draft Integrated Airflow product line promotes healthier plant environments in controlled environment agriculture settings through proprietary design and technology. Dual Draft is the only integrated solution addressing microclimate and drainage issues in vertical farming and single-tier farming applications. Dual Draft was developed by Integrated Hydro Solutions (IHS), a product development company specializing in system improvement for the vertical farming industry. IHS leverages its experience in industrial manufacturing, large-scale commercial agriculture, control systems modeling, and mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to design better systems and solutions for the Controlled Environment Agriculture space.

Belushi’s Farm                                                                                                                                            
What began as a meager 48 plants during Oregon’s medical marijuana program in 2015, today Belushi’s Farm encompasses a sprawling and spiritual 93 acres with 1,800 feet of Rogue River riverfront in Southern Oregon’s Banana Belt where the sun, water and air make the perfect combination to sustain naturally powerful and beautiful cannabis. Belushi’s Farm is home to a range of offerings including The Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica (a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ’70s as “The Smell of SNL”), Good Ugly Weed, and GROWING BELUSHI on The Discovery Channel. Having suffered the loss of his brother John to an overdose, and his own journey learning and healing through cultivating cannabis, the farm’s proprietor, performer Jim Belushi, is a proponent of the plant’s beneficial properties across a spectrum of uses. From enhancing joy and quality of life, mitigating trauma and managing pain, to a harm reduction approach and rebuttal of the opioid abuse epidemic, Jim advocates for patient rights, adult-use legalization, and freeing cannabis prisoners as an ambassador for Last Prisoner Project, while empowering newcomers to access the profound spiritual and healing powers of quality cannabis.

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