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Who Won ‘Best Topical Award’ At The Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival?

PHOENIXMay 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jefro Kush, a high quality producer of hemp-infused creams and tinctures, announced their win for best topical cream at the Phoenix Cannabis Awards Musical Festival, held May 20th at Legends Event Center.

The company won for their Kush Copper Plus + CBD Cream, the world’s first CBD cream with Bio-Cul (Copper1). This 100% organic cream is infused with Bio-Cu1 (Copper1) and CBD, to help increase immune defense and is proven to regrow new blood vessels. It absorbs into the nucleus of cells and with bio-copper 1, a known anti-microbial agent that limits and/or reduces pathogens in blood and tissue.

“We are stoked to win this award and so happy that people are feeling the immediate effects of this miracle cream. We passed some of the product out during the event and had people coming back to our booth mid-day to ask what it was and share how much it was already helping them,” said Jarrett K St. Amand, former Marine and Founder of Jefro’s Botanicals in Tempe, AZ.

Amand developed the salve himself after developing a tumor behind his eye in 2013 and using the cream to self-heal. His mission now is to help bring it to people everywhere suffering with joint pain, alopecia, eczema and additional ailments.

For more information on Jefro Kush Copper Plus + CBD cream, as well as a variety of other CBD tinctures, please visit https://www.jefrosbotanicals.com.

About Jefro Botanicals:

Having participated in Operation Restore Hope (1992) in Somalia, Jefro Botanicals Founder Jarrett St. Amand’s (CPL USMC) mission is to create natural creams to help all ailing veterans. Jefro’s creams are a combination of essential oils made from the highest quality ingredients possible offering quality, purity and efficacy, and created at Pure Lab and C4 Labs, located locally in Arizona. For more information, please visit https://www.jefrosbotanicals.com/

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