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Who Will Be The Amazon/Tesla Of The Cannabis Industry?

BROOMFIELD, Colo.Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Who will be the Amazon or Tesla of the cannabis industry? Key To Life Supply fits the bill. With exciting new technologies and products via their re-imagination initiative, Key To Life Supply is now being considered among the Amazon of the Hemp Industry. Its eCommerce website boasts hundreds of new products and grows by the day. It’s evident that Key To Life Supply has an ever-expanding group of industry-leading partners that continue to push innovation, technology, and sustainability for all sectors of horticulture.

Key To Life Supply has been a frontrunner in the cannabis space since 2013. Offering their top-quality in-house organic and environmentally friendly Key To Life powdered fertilizers and nutrients, carefully and meticulously bred hemp genetics optimized for oil production, propagation plugs, and their Key To Life Reserve line offering pain-relieving topical products and top quality hemp extracts. Paired with Key To Life Supply’s technology and machinery changing the hemp industry, such as their groundbreaking hemp material separation services, aptly named the Incredible Bulk Hemp Separator, seed sowing services and technology, and carbon sequestration projects that ring in the tune of Tesla-like technology.

Key to Life Supply continues to join with innovative and like-minded joint venture partners from around the world. From groundbreaking lighting companies, to tried and tested dosing/fertigation companies, to advanced technology product storage companies, to radically innovative end-product manufacturers, to market-shattering innovators in organic pest control, biological pest control, and beneficial entomology; even to other nutrient companies that provide solutions to problems that KTL products do not address. The bottom line is that Key to Life Supply has taken the best of the best and placed them all under one roof. KTLS has vetted, tested and compared all of the products they offer against the entire supply chain and has ensured that if you want to work with true innovators and industry leaders, you need not look any further than the Key to Life Supply network!

Key To Life Supply focuses heavily on intellectual property by developing, creating, stocking for immediate delivery of products and technologies never before seen that serve every aspect of many other global horizontal industries. The qualification for a technology or innovation to be presented by the KTLS is that it absolutely must be a leader in it’s field and provide a groundbreaking solution to a problem or completely change the market for that product or service. This is why, even though the list of product offerings and services grows every day, there are only a select few that actually make the list. Of the few products released there were, in many cases, hundreds of products that were evaluated and considered to represent that place or that product type and only one made the cut.

As Key to Life Supply continues to grow and expand, they look not only to planetary solutions, but interplanetary ones as well. Tate has been quoted as saying “We will not stop until we have a lab on the moon.” With the groundbreaking innovations that Key to Life has already made in it’s short time as a company, if anybody can do it, it’s Tate Dooley! A research lab on the moon is not only possible, with the determination and forward-thinking mindset of the entire Key to Life Supply team, it’s probable!

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