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Who Was Dighton, Massachusetts’ First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Dighton welcomes its first cannabis dispensary, 1 Connection, with a ceremonious ribbon cutting, facilitated by the Taunton Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, May 21st. The new 20,000-square-foot complex’s store front is now open to the public for the purchase of recreational cannabis.

1 Connection sets itself apart from competition by being a community-first dispensary. The business is founded on the idea of the importance of connection and enhancing lives through the goodness of high quality cannabis products.

For now, 1 Connection is for recreational cannabis only, but the complex includes a cultivation and manufacturing facility, scheduled to open in the near future. When the cultivation facility is up and running, 1 Connection can begin to sell cannabis for medical use as well.

CEO Michael Fonseca is also a part owner of Natural Green Choice, LLC, a cultivation facility in Rhode Island. Fonseca states that he got into the cannabis industry after seeing the benefits using cannabis had for his wife while she was in cancer treatment, which led to his involvement in 1 Connection as well.

1 Connection aims to be a comfortable place for seasoned and new cannabis users alike. They included a consultation room in the building design to offer new users the option to consult with expert staff members. This aligns with their mission of putting their community first and emphasizing connections. Every staff member at 1 Connection is passionate and knowledgeable about cannabis products, and describe their roles in 1 Connection as a “dream job”.

The high-quality products that are currently available span across all forms of cannabis and includes Fernway, Berkshire Roots, Nova Farms, Coast, edibles, and Resinate extracts.

1 Connection strives to enhance lives through the goodness of cannabis. We know not everyone is alike, and neither is cannabis. At 1 Connection, we’re here to help you find your favorite strain, products, and delivery methods, whether you’re new to the cannabis world or an experienced user. From the soil our cannabis is grown in, to the hands that harvest our product, to you – our story is rooted in the belief that we are all connected to each other. Through quality cannabis, we believe we can strengthen our relationship with nature, with our community, and with ourselves.

Learn more about 1 Connection on our website and view the full menu of products available on our online menu

Source: PRWeb