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Who Sells The Strongest THCV, CBN, CBG And CBD Gummies?

Many holiday shoppers are looking for wellness gifts this season to help their friends and family de-stress, sleep better, get in shape and lose weight. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s new high potency cannabinoid gummies hit the mark for healthy gifts that taste good too. The brand is now offering free variety packets so customers can try their THCV gummies (for energy and appetite suppression), CBN gummies (for restful sleep), CBG gummies (to ease discomfort) and CBD gummies (for calm and balance). Customers will receive one packet containing six extra strength gummies when they spend $50 or more at through Christmas Day. The offer can also be combined with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s buy two get one free Delta-8-THC deal.

“Our gummies are strong, taste fantastic, and make the perfect stocking stuffers,” said company Co-Founder and Creative Director Jennifer Carlile.

The gummies are the latest offering from Rare Cannabinoid Company, which leads the way in the “rare” or “minor” cannabinoid hemp/cannabis market selling pure oil tinctures and blends of: CBDA, CBDV, CBC, full spectrum Hawaiian CBD, extra strength 3000mg CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, Delta-8-THC, and terpene-only tinctures. Their new THCV gummies are the strongest THCV gummies for sale. Each gummy contains 25mg THCV. THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is often referred to as “diet weed,” “Skinny pot,” or “the race car of cannabinoids.” This is because THCV has almost the opposite effect of THC. THCV boosts energy, alertness, focus and clarity, while decreasing appetite and aiding weight loss.

“Given the “Quarantine 15,” our THCV tinctures have been extremely popular among those trying to control their eating habits. Our high potency THCV gummies take it to the next level in time for the holidays and New Year’s resolutions,” said Carlile.

THCV is believed to work in a similar way to anti-obesity diet drugs such as Rimonabant which turn off the brain’s CB1 receptor, but THCV does not cause the same negative side effects as such pharmaceuticals. THCV is also being studied for potential benefits for type 2 diabetes, nicotine and other addictions. With almost half of Americans reporting weight gain since the Covid-19 pandemic started, THCV is rapidly gaining popularity as a new, natural weight loss aid to add to one’s arsenal of diet and exercise goals and New Year’s resolutions.

Rare Cannabinoid Company was also the first brand to produce a pure THCV oil tincture and a 1:1 THCV CBD blend, which combines THCV with full spectrum Hawaiian CBD. Click to see scientific studies on THCV and buy THCV.

The brand’s other new cannabinoid gummies are also among the strongest, if not the strongest, on the market, and offer targeted relief. Huckleberry flavored strong CBN gummies each contain 30mg CBN each. CBN (cannabinol) is formed when THC degrades due to age or heat and is believed to be the most-sedative cannabinoid, offering relaxation and helping people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is therefore best to take CBN close to bedtime. It can be combined with CBD, THC or specific terpenes to heighten its effects as a natural sleep aid. Terpenes are aromatic oils that naturally occur in hemp, cannabis and other plants just like CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. Rare Cannabinoid Company also sells terpene-only tinctures. Their Relax terpene tincture contains β-Myrcene, β-Pinene, δ-3-Carene, δ-Limonene, Linalool. Combining a CBN gummy with a couple sprays of Relax terpenes may enhance CBN’s sedative effects for a very deep sleep.

Another new gummy offering from Rare Cannabinoid Company is their green apple CBG gummy. Each CBG gummy contains 30mg CBG. CBG (cannabigerol) is considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” as other cannabinoids start out a CBGA cannabigerolic acid and then form into other compounds later on. CBG is excellent for relieving soreness and discomfort and is being studied for benefits for many different things. Hemp brands cannot make any health claims due to FDA regulations, but customers can find direct links to scientific studies on CBG and inflammation, pain, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and a dozen other items on their website. See CBG scientific studies and buy CBG here.

The last of the brand’s new cannabinoid gummies is their strawberry CBD gummy. Each gummy contains 30mg CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is ideal for calm, balance, and stress relief. It is also best to combine rare cannabinoids with CBD for the entourage effect as it will enhance the efficacy of the other cannabinoids. Read on to understand better how the brand intends for their products to be taken for the best effects.

Rare Cannabinoid Company has broken down the hemp plant into an apothecary of cannabinoids and terpenes. Their unique approach broadens what most people know about cannabis and hemp as it goes far beyond THC (the main psychoactive component in cannabis) and CBD (the main healthful, non-psychoactive component in hemp.) In fact, there are dozens of other cannabinoids that each offer unique health and wellness benefits. Customers can visit their website and “Shop by Need,” seeing what each cannabinoid may be able to help them with or find a cannabinoid advisor to guide them for more specific ailments. People also have different needs throughout the day, so they may want to take THCV in the morning for energy and appetite suppression, CBG and CBD in the middle of the day for soreness after exercise, and CBN in the evening to help them fall asleep.

The THCV gummies, CBN gummies, CBG gummies, and CBD gummies are all very strong. So, they recommend taking just half to one rare cannabinoid gummy (THCV, CBN, or CBG) and combining it with half to one CBD gummy. People should not take more than 70mg total cannabinoids per 24-hour day. The Cannabinoid Variety Packet that they are giving away for free with $50 purchase contains one 25mg THCV gummy, one 30mg CBN gummy, one 30mg CBG gummy and three 30mg CBD gummies. The free gummies packet lets people experience all of the new gummies. The packets are not sold on an individual basis on their website, however they can be purchased in bundles of three.

“We currently have a lot of people buying the gummies bundles as they make perfect little presents for those interested in wellness and hemp,” said Carlile.

There are many other potential combinations that can be created using the cannabinoid gummies and tinctures. CBC (cannabichromene) has been found to raise levels of the brain’s bliss molecule anandamide and may therefore help those with low mood feel better. CBD may also affect serotonin levels and help regulate people’s emotions. CBDA is believed to relieve nausea in a similar way to Delta-8-THC and THC and is also being studied in relation to inflammation. CBDV is currently being studied for seizures and in children with autism spectrum disorder and has been used in preclinical studies related to muscular dystrophy.

Research into cannabinoids has been hampered by the illegality of hemp and cannabis for many years. However, there are dozens of preclinical and clinical studies on them. Each product page and cannabinoid page on Rare Cannabinoid Company’s website offers a list of scientific studies pertaining to the featured cannabinoid. Customers can click on a link and be directed to the actual study, most of which are on the National Library of Medicine, British Journal of Pharmacology or National Center for Biotechnology Information. There is also a directory of cannabinoid experts. These doctors, nurses, and clinicians who are knowledgeable about cannabis, hemp, THC, CBD, specific rare cannabinoids, terpenes, and Rare Cannabinoid Company products. They are independent from the company and offer in office and telehealth visits.

Rare Cannabinoid Company is an American company based in Hawaii. It was established in Q1 2020 and is a pioneer in the “rare” or “minor” cannabinoid industry, offering purified tinctures and gummies of rare cannabinoid and terpenes as well as blends with full spectrum Hawaiian CBD.

It is the sister brand of Hawaiian Choice, which was established in Q4 2017. Hawaiian Choice is a luxury, lifestyle brand that combines premium broad spectrum Hawaiian CBD with organic and wild crafted Hawaiian fruits, essential oils and honey in an assortment of tinctures, gummies, salves and pet products.

Stores interested in stocking Rare Cannabinoid Company and/or Hawaiian Choice products can request a wholesale account at Wellness Orders.

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