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Who Published The 2022 Cannabis Compensation Survey Report?

San Rafael, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — San Rafael, California –

FutureSense LLC and MJBizDaily produced the 2022 Cannabis Compensation Survey Report, supported by Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions, Western Management Group, and endorsed by NCIA. The report was released to present a high-level look at cannabis compensation data, trends, and analysis. The article was published on FutureSense LLC and MJBizDaily’s website for the public, cannabis companies, consultants, and ancillary/professional service providers.

Every mature industry utilizes industry-specific pay data to gain an advantage over its competitors. For cannabis, this has been a challenge. In an industry that has hired more people in the past few years than nearly any other, cannabis businesses feel like they need an edge to survive and thrive. It is a complex and innovative industry, with a mix of innovators, scientists, farmers, salespeople, technology experts, and government relations professionals. This publication presents data specific to the cannabis industry in order to address these unique requirements.

According to FutureSense LLC, the 3rd annual report was produced after in-depth research by their experts. By aggregating and presenting benchmark data according to federal regulations, the report’s main purpose is to better understand and illuminate pay practices and trends in the legal cannabis industry. This survey presents data on 87 unique jobs within 41 job families/functions. The report was published as part of their annual Survey Reports for the cannabis industry.

“The publication provides insight into current pay trends for cannabis companies and informs vital business decisions,” said Jim Finkelstein, President & CEO of FutureSense LLC, “The cannabis business comes with its own unique requirements, challenges, and federal and state-level restrictions, unlike other businesses, and requires independent operations and distribution. This is why our team of professionals, alongside those from MJBizDaily, combined our expertise from retail, pharma, consumer packaged goods, agriculture, and third-party logistics, to produce this report.”

The survey results were released in two tiers; the Summary Report is available for free to the public, providing summary trends and analyses, and three data cuts showing the central tendency. The Detailed Report is the second tier, set to be released in mid-May of 2022. Designed for current participants, cannabis companies, consultants, and industry personnel, this report includes percentiles, demographic breakdowns, and data cuts by state, headcount, and revenue. Both reports, with further information, are available here:

Finkelstein said, “We work with companies of every industry and stage of development. Our mission is to help businesses in unique or emerging industries through our industry-specific solutions and detailed resources.” According to FutureSense, each business has its own unique requirements and is equipped with detailed data, and industry-specific strategies are critical to its success.

Since FutureSense was founded, they have provided detailed reports every year to help cannabis businesses succeed in their unique and dynamic market. It assists businesses from various industries by supplying research on effective HR, compensation, and organizational development strategies to improve business performance, often collaborating with specialists to create surveys and reports. Readers can learn more about this by visiting their page:

Collaborating with FutureSense to produce the report, Colorado-based MJBizDaily has been a leading source of business-to-business news for the cannabis industry in the United States and Canada. It provides information to large-scale cultivators, financial services, processors, major investors, health insurance companies, testing labs, pharmaceutical companies, dispensaries, recreational retailers, and related businesses.

A detailed look at the data is included in the 2022 Cannabis Compensation Detailed Report, including multiple percentile breakdowns, demographics, and headcount breakdowns revenue. This report is expected to be released later in the month. For more information regarding their solutions and resources, please visit the FutureSense website.


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