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Who Is The Chairman Of The Board At Indoor Harvest Corp?

AUSTIN, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTCPK: INQD) (the “Company”) announces the appointment of Leslie Bocskor, current Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, to a director position and Chairman (the “Chairman”) of the Board of Directors (the “Board”). Departing directors were invited to continue their relationships as consultants to the Company.

“It is my honor to take on this new role at Indoor Harvest. The hemp industry has been quietly, steadily growing in the shadows of its cannabis cousin for the past several years and during that time we have been preparing for its emergence at the top of the capital markets. Now is the time, I foresee, we will see a cascade effect where hemp is going to lead the way in many areas, and Indoor Harvest is going to be at the forefront with it,” said Mr. Bocskor, Chairman of the Company.

In his new role at the helm of the Board, Mr. Bocskor will guide his team to discover new acquisition candidates that will build out the Company business portfolio, build new relationships in events and media, consumer products, and international markets, and spearhead business development opportunities for the Company, now from his Board level in addition to his ongoing role as the CEO and CFO.

Mr. Bocskor has built a team that brings operations, corporate finance, and regulatory and business strategy experience spanning decades that will support the development and growth of internal and external businesses by the Company. His industry presence provides a tremendous amount of branding and marketing power to build and increase the shareholder and investor base.

At this time, the departing board members, Messrs. Rick Gutshall and Lang Coleman, will be transitioning from their positions on the Board to outside consulting positions for the Company. Both have been members of the Board for almost five years.

“Indoor Harvest has come quite a long way since Leslie joined the company, evolving into its new form according to Leslie’s vision. We have always focused on offering opportunities to companies who are working to advance the science and technology of cannabinoid related areas and we know under the leadership of Leslie, that focus will carry on,” said Mr. Gutshall.

“Working so closely with everyone on the board of Indoor Harvest for the past few years has uniquely positioned us to flow seamlessly into a consulting role with the Company. The future of the Company and the hemp industry looks bright with so many interested and insightful participants, like Leslie, leading the charge,” added Mr. Lang.

About Indoor Harvest: Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTCPK: INQD) is branded under the name Indoor Harvest® The Company incorporates development of proprietary technology, mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and joint ventures as part of a broad integration strategy. As a platform, Indoor Harvest Corp. cultivates synergistic partnerships within related industries, providing an opportunity to be part of a more significant play, sharing intellectual capital, technology, access to new capital markets, and liquidity for owners.

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