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Where Is The Largest Cannabis Development Site In The World?

LONDONOct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eden Pharma Ltd has recently acquired a 5,000-acre site in Uganda. It was obtained after a successful joint venture and will be used for cannabis research and development. This project is fully licensed by the Ugandan government and is believed to be the largest cannabis facility in the world.

The site is expected to produce important research on cannabis and the industry, as well as tremendous amounts of raw material CBD and cannabis for use in markets across the world.

A company spokesperson said: “The joint venture in Uganda has opened up Eden Pharma to significant development opportunities that will solidify the years of hard work Eden’s team has put into it. Eden Pharma will be an exceptional vertically integrated Company delivering for its customers and stakeholders alike.”

This latest venture by Eden Pharma involves building a community for the local people. It will create jobs, boost the local economy, and increase quality of life. This community will include infrastructure such as research labs, pharmacies, and an airport.

The Company wants to employ 100% Ugandan people within 3 years after completion of the Eden Uganda project. It is also projected that this venture will increase the GDP of Uganda by 3%.

A documentary showcasing the land in Uganda entitled “The Garden of Africa” is currently in production.

Company Overview

Eden Pharma limited, established in 2017 by Martin Booth, is now the world’s 12th largest medical marijuana company by market capitalisation. The Eden Pharma Company is the UKs, Europes and Africas largest licensed marijuana company by market capitalisation. The Company began with a focus on research and development of the versatile marijuana plant to create innovative health and beauty products, and further develop new strains of marijuana. Eden Pharma is creating a bespoke, luxury brand for health and wellness products that primarily include CBD or other holistic compounds. Today, the company also has an award nominated range of CBD products that aim to assist with mental and physical well being. Eden Pharma also have, what is believed to be, the largest cannabis R & D cultivation site in the world. The site is fully licensed and stands at 5000 Acres, making the site larger than some countries.


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