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When Is The 34 Street Seed Grow Cup?

EDMONTON, ABApril 20, 2022 /CNW/ – 34 Street Seed Co announces the beginning of their 2nd annual Grow Cup, Canada’s first legal producer run grow competition. Including partnered genetics from Humboldt Seed Co and Dutch Passion.

The 34 Street Seed Grow Cup allows home growers the opportunity to grow and produce their own cannabis and be tested for THC/CBD and terpene levels at 34 Street Seed Co’s sponsored testing facility, High North Laboratories. The results will be judged by 34 Street Seed Co’s master growers using a point-based system with THC percentages counting for 1 point and terpene percentages counting for 2 points, allowing us to choose the top 4 home growers across Canada using 34 Street Seed Co’s, Humboldt Seed Co and Dutch Passions Genetics. The contest runs from April 20, 2022, to Oct 30th, 2022, allowing home growers plenty of time to completely grow out their plants and harvest the necessary testing samples.

34 Street Seed Co has also introduced the Bodacious Bud award, an on plant picture contest that will have top industry professionals from 34 Street Seed Co, Humboldt Seed Co and Dutch Passion to judge the most bodacious on plant bud picture, selecting the top 3 and finally having the number 1 shot decided by the growers themselves online.

All growers are asked to show off their grow through social media platforms using the hashtag #34streetgrowcup to update other contestants and show their competitive side while also joining in the community. Regardless of taking a winning spot or not, all growers will have their test results returned to them which will include all cannabinoids and terpenes to see how their plants performed.

The 34 Street Seed Grow Cup is being sponsored by such companies as Humboldt Seed Company, Dutch Passion, iBEX Nutrients, Reefertilizer, PAX Labs Inc, High North Laboratories, and retail partner One Plant.

34 Street Seed Co

34 Street Seed Co is a standard licensed cannabis producer in Alberta, we are motivated by a passion for quality genetics and we support the entire growing and cultivation community. 34 Street Seed Co believes that everyone, no matter their background or experience, should be able to grow their own quality plants. At 34 Street Seed Co, our seeds will mean better genetics and better product for all consumers.

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