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When Is The 2023 American Autoflower Cup?

LOS ANGELES Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier this year we were delighted to attend The American Autoflower Cup – being the first of it’s kind, and hosted by none other than Jeremy Norrie himself (a notable figure in LA’s cannabis scene)

The panel of judges – consisting of Cali’s cannabis culture elite underwent the difficult task of reviewing the multitude of applicants for this years competition.

After being vetted by the expert judge panel, it was required for all entries to undergo rigorous testing, involving the calculation of cannabinoids and terpenes, in addition to detected heavy metals and mould amongst other things.

In January 23‘ the tests were undertaken by a verified laboratory from California called Encore Labs. The full panel R&D lab tests were performed; resulting in 5 disqualifications.

It is said that the judges were incredibly impressed by the quality of the entries, many of which boasting THC levels surpassing 20%, some even exceeding 29%!

The award ceremony took place at LA’s Green Street Cannabis Event & Business Epicenter, where entertainment and cannabis was offered to all guests. The crowd had the pleasure of hearing two sets from Kennedy Williams (an up and coming singer-songwriter from LA), and DJ. Several exhibitors were also featured, such as Rosin Tech Labs and DeLaCreme Extracts – who had booths to enjoy.

Towards the end of the night, finalists from each division were named, and the prizes were awarded by top hosts Adam Ill and Angela Mazzanti. Ending the evening with the top three entries for both the Sativa and Indica categories. Trophies were awarded, as well as the Best Breeder title:

Sativa Category:

1st place – Strain: Fast Buds Strawberry Gorilla, Grower: Ryan G., a.k.a. Freegrow8
2nd place – Strain: Fast Buds Gorilla Punch, Grower: James Z.
3rd place – Strain: Twenty20 Durban Sunrise, Seedbank: Twenty20, Grower: Adam

Indica Category:

1st place – Strain: Fast Buds Banana Purple Punch, Grower: Dereck S.l
2nd place – Strain: Master Sensei Genetics Alien Smoothie, Grower: Russ H.
3rd place- Strain: Night Owl Marathon OG, Grower: Maxwell Pharms

Best breeder:
Mephisto Genetics

The American Autoflower Cup was a historic moment for the cannabis industry, setting a high bar for future contests. Norrie has confirmed that there will be more events to come and encouraged people across the country, especially on the East and West coasts, to stay tuned.

“The AAC was like a rebirth of events—a phoenix rising again. We set a new milestone—I think the future is bright,” said Norrie.

The success of the American Autoflower Cup showcases the potential of autoflower varieties and sets a new standard for future competitions.

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