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What Was The First CBD Commercial On Major Television Networks?

NEW YORKJan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The unbiased platform that is designed to distill facts from fallacies about CBD usage, aired the first CBD commercial promoting the website’s lab-tested information on Monday, Jan. 3. The commercial aired in Las VegasDenver and San Diego’s CBS and ABC affiliates for a 30-second tutorial advertisement promoting the benefits of using is a website that includes more than 350 CBD reviews about over-the-counter products further educating someone who is inquiring about purchasing CBD. For someone who is curious about CBD usage, the website, the first of its kind, includes independent lab tested results on all major products such as what is in the product, where it came from, how true to the label claims and did it pass pesticide screening, as well as, available discount codes.

“As CBD becomes more mainstream and common, the ultimate goal for is to educate everyone about CBD and squash myths,” said General Manager of, Steve Townsend. “We are proud to be the first CBD brand to air a commercial as we wanted to help showcase the mainstream usage of CBD in today’s landscape.” commercials will run on San DiegoLas Vegas and Denver’s ABC affiliates and Vegas’ CBS affiliate through March 25. To view the commercial, please click here and to learn more about Real Tested CBD, please visit

About is an unbiased platform designed to distill facts from fallacies. The revolutionary website uses empirical tested data from the independently-owned Earth Labs located in Irvine, Calif., to show someone what is in a CBD product including where it came from, how true to the label claims and did it pass pesticide screening. was created to provide the truth to many falsehoods information there is about CBD and gives consumers the knowledge on cannabis’ non-psychoactive, ‘non-illicit’ cousin, hemp. For more information, please visit

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