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What Was The First Cannabis Company To Advertise On Twitter?

STOCKHOLMFeb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The information campaign that the Swedish cannabis investment company started on Twitter last week included a short film on how accessible medical cannabis could become in Sweden and the world in the future. The film was released by the Sweden-based scientific journal Aurea Care Medical Science Journal. The purpose of the information campaign is to promote knowledge and education, as well as to dispel old stigmas surrounding medical cannabis, and thereby increase access to medical cannabis for pain patients in Sweden who currently suffer from the over-prescription of opioids currently happening in Sweden.

Twitter has allocated Aureum Life a $80,000 ad credit today.

Aureum Life sees that this will benefit all the world’s medical cannabis patients as well as the rapidly growing cannabis industry, and thanks Elon Musk for a very good initiative, an initiative that they now believe all other social media platforms should follow.

About Aureum Life: Aureum Life Investments AB is Sweden’s first cannabis company, founded in 2018. The company has made several successful investments in the cannabis industry, including operating medical cannabis clinics in Sweden through subsidiary companies.

About Aurea Care Medical Science Journal: Aurea Care Medical Science Journal is a periodic publication with a publishing certificate in Sweden, started by researcher Stefan Broselid, Ph.D. Molecular Pharmacology, Aureum Life, and Otto News. They focus on news publication regarding the latest in medical cannabis research, science, knowledge sharing, and education. Aurea Care Medical Science Journal will launch a new website for news publication shortly.

How did the Aureum Group became first with the advertising? Well, they secretly started the advertising on February 12th when it was still not allowed to advertise Cannabis on Twitter, so 3 days before Elon Musk and Twitter approved advertisements regarding Cannabis!

See links to the information campaign published on Twitter through paid advertising:

Aurea Care Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurea_care/status/1626274583048224768?cxt=HHwWgICw3b2H2JEtAAAA
Aurea Care webbsite: https://aureacare.se/
Aureum Life webbsite: https://aureumlife.se/

Otto News: https://cannabisifokus.se/

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