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What Lighting Company Does Dragonfly Use In Utah To Grow Cannabis?

Agnetix, a leader in Smart Horticulture Lighting Technology, has been selected as primary lighting partner by Dragonfly, one of only a handful of state licensed grow facilities in Utah. Dragonfly’s 108,000 square feet of indoor and greenhouse cultivation will feature Agnetix state-of-the-art, high powered, liquid cooled luminaires.

Dragonfly was drawn to Agnetix as their lighting and cultivation management system for its industry benchmark energy efficiencies and data visibility. Agnetix provides a full suite of value-added benefits and a one-of-kind decision support system, employing energy-efficient LED lighting, canopy-level sensors, networking technology, and real time data analytics.

“We chose Agnetix firstly because LEDs are the future of the industry, and we want to be innovators in our space. While there are many LED companies, Agnetix offers an intuitive and integrative software platform that allows us full access and control of our data,” said Cody Henderson, Director of Cultivation at Dragonfly.

“Using Agnetix allows Dragonfly to achieve our strategic initiatives of cultivating the highest quality cannabis while creating sustainable business practices. We can reduce our energy consumption through utilizing the liquid-cooled system to recirculate the heat back into our facility, creating a sustainable ecosystem for cultivation.”

“The Dragonfly team is well positioned to lead the way in Utah for predictable high-quality outcomes at the lowest carbon footprint of any commercial cultivator in the same class” said Jordan Miles, CEO, Agnetix. “Agnetix is looking forward to helping Cody and his team realize their vision.”

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About Agnetix: Agnetix is an SEC-registered technology company on a steep growth trajectory focused on the development of advanced horticultural lighting and information technology solutions for commercial indoor and greenhouse growers – both in cannabis and fresh produce markets. The Agnetix Responsive Agriculture™ platform delivers meaningful plant and energy data insights for quick, informed decisions to mitigate risks. The Agnetix system includes highly efficient, water-cooled LED lighting, environmental sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) imagers, data, and real-time monitoring solutions. Agnetix helps serious growers to significantly improve their crop yield, reduce their operating cost and run a more profitable business.

About Dragonfly: It’s time to change the narrative around cannabis and share the truth about this incredible plant. Through science, education, and awareness, we are fighting for the right for every community to have access to quality plant medicine. The industry is prime for innovation and Dragonfly will be blazing the trail every step of the way through integrating intelligent software, cutting-edge technology, sustainable business practices, product innovation, and most importantly, compassion. We engage and support our community to empower patients to take back control of their health. Join us in our mission to prioritize the health and wellness of our community!

Source: PRWeb