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What Is The Veterans Cannabis Group?

The Veterans Cannabis Group (VCG), a national non-profit advocacy organization founded in 2016, announced today, in honor of Veteran’s Day, its official partnership with Metta Medical, maker of LEVEL brand cannabis edible products, to co-sponsor ECS21, a California-based study into cannabinoid cannabigerol’s potential for improving sleep.

The ECS21 study will track the effects of cannabigerol – known as CBG – on the sleep patterns of over 100 Veteran volunteers for an eight-week period. By using Fitbit smartwatches and an app created by Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies that is also a partner in ECS21, the decentralized clinical trial leverages technology to reach a broader range of volunteer participants. Because it is able to include a more diverse range of veterans – like those who live outside major cities or lack dependable transportation – the study’s results – which are due out in 2022 – will provide deep insight into the potential medicinal uses for CBG to improve one’s sleep.

“In 2019, the VA reported the veteran suicide rate to be 52.3% higher than the general population,” said VCG Founder and former Army Sergeant, Aaron Augustis. “With sleep disorders greatly impacting one’s overall wellbeing, it’s obvious that helping veterans – and everyone – get better sleep is a key solution to the battle to end the veteran suicide crisis.”

Similar to the VCG, Metta Medical’s mission is to destigmatize cannabis use and encourage additional research into the plant’s possible medicinal benefits.

“As a former US Navy veteran, I deeply empathize with those who carry the scars of war,” adds Metta Medical Founder, Chris Emerson. “I can see no better use for scientific study than to advance our understanding of how to use this natural plant to make effective, safe medicines.”

The Veterans Cannabis Group’s policy work has long focused on improving both state and federal-level governmental understanding and acceptance of cannabis’s medicinal uses. In 2017, for example, VCG Founder Aaron Augustis visited Capitol Hill to speak on cannabis’s potential uses upon invitation from Washington D.C. leadership, including representatives from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. More recently, beginning in 2019, the VCG provided veteran-level support to help successfully pass 2020’s California Senate Bill 34, an initiative designed to ease access to medicinal cannabis for those in need.

Air Force Veteran and VCG Co-founder and Board Member, Jeremy Freitas concludes, “The ECS21 study represents the Veterans Cannabis Group’s ever-present commitment to driving forward the global medicinal cannabis movement by adding to a shared body of scientific knowledge into the many curative possibilities cannabis offers while also serving the men and women who so bravely served our nation.”

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As a veteran-led advocacy group supporting veterans who use medicinal cannabis to alleviate their service-connected disabilities, the Veterans Cannabis Group is mission-driven to strengthen relationships between veteran communities, the cannabis industry, scientists, healthcare professionals, and city, state and Federal governments. Founded in 2016 in California by former US Army Sergeant Aaron Augustis, the group provides veterans and their families education about and safe access to medicinal cannabis alongside career opportunities and information on official US Department of Veterans Affairs benefits. By working directly with the VA in support of safe access to and continued scientific study of medicinal cannabis, the Veterans Cannabis Group advances the global cannabis medicinal movement. For more information, visit


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