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What Is The The Phaze I Kit?

After five years of research and development, Phaze Labs has finally unveiled its much anticipated Mag Joint™ technology, with the release of its first product line, Phaze I. This breakthrough innovation allows for creative, unique and dynamic water pipes and rigs, featuring modular magnetic attachments that can be easily used, disassembled, cleaned, and customized.

Each Mag Joint™ seal is airtight, watertight, and completely eliminates the need for a ground joint, adapters or slides. This technology gives you the ability to transform your water pipe into multiple modular form factors, including but not limited to a full dab rig, dab straw, chillum or even a hand pipe.

Created with design flexibility and customization in mind Phaze Labs products allow users to effortlessly customize their experience with it’s Mag Joint™ technology. Break it down or build it up, with fully interchangeable, stack-able magnetic parts. You can put together an attention grabbing centerpiece, ready to share with your friends, and then break it down for a pocket-sized travel bowl.

Unlike other product offerings on the market, Phaze Labs is fully modular and magnetic. With both in house engineering and design teams, countless hours are spent running air flow and fluid dynamic simulations in order to maximize your smoking pleasure.

Beginning to roll out over the next few months, the Phaze Labs fully modular and magnetic attachment line, is sure to level up the user experience for cannabis consumption. A variety of colors and attachment options are already currently available, allowing users to define their own experience. The Phaze I kit is available now at for $199.

About Phaze Labs

Phaze Labs is a Denver based, innovative glass water pipe company. With an ethos that every person is unique and deserves a customized experience, the company developed Mag JointTM technology. By employing a team of product designers, engineers and user experience testers, Phaze Labs delivers groundbreaking magnetic modular technology without compromise.

Source: PRWeb