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What Is The Plift Sparkling Hemp-Derived Beverage?

Plift is a new plant-based, alcohol-free alternative for relaxing with friends and family.

Hemp-infused Plift’s low-calorie libations are striking for their clean, vibrant flavors without any aftertaste.

Plift drinkers will appreciate a more relaxed, yet uplifting state of mind, without fear of a hangover from the 10 mg of premium, hemp-derived delta-8, a cannabinoid comparable to CBD, but with a more notable mood enhancement.

The two low-calorie and bubbly flavors include margarita-inspired Tart Lime and Moscow mule-inspired Crisp Ginger. Plift can be dressed up over ice in a cocktail glass, or the green and red cans are a festive addition to a casual holiday gathering.

“We wanted a great tasting, low-calorie, better-for-you alternative to alcohol, so we made it. Plift has all the perks of plant-based beverages, all that’s missing is “U”,” said CEO and co-founder Todd Harris.

Founded in 2021 Plift is the brainchild of co-founders Todd Harris and Glenn McElfresh. The venture is Harris’ entrance into the beverage industry, but McElfresh hails from both the cannabis industry and the natural foods industry.

“We think Plift belongs in the refrigerated section between the nonalcoholic mocktails and spiked seltzers in grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores from San Diego to Salem and everywhere in between,” said co-founder Glenn McElfresh.

Cannabis is replacing alcohol among adult beverage consumers from health mavens to super foodies and working professionals. The preference for low-dose cannabis beverages over beer and wine is a well-documented trend, including a Harris Poll which found “almost half of cannabis consumers over 21 have replaced or reduced their alcohol consumption with cannabis.”

Plift is available to consumers over 21 via their website and any place alcohol is sold.
About Plift
The elevated way to unwind, Plift is a hemp-infused beverage that provides a relaxed mood enhancer from its hemp-derived delta-8 infusion. Currently available in two low-calorie sparkling flavors Crisp Ginger and Tart Lime. Based in Austin, Texas, Plift is black-owned and managed. Plift is available for individual and wholesale purchases on its website and soon in convenience stores around the country.
For more information: plift.com

Source: PRWeb