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What Is The No9 Vape Collection?

BOSTONMay 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Number 9 Collection (, an all-natural, sustainable, sun-grown cannabis farm in Massachusetts, announced the release of its new, ultra-premium vape carts.

The No9 Vape Collection contains the purest distillates and terpenes. The Collection features three unique farm-grown strains:

  • King Louie XIII Indica
  • Ghost Train Haze Sativa
  • Orange Soda Hybrid

The carts undergo an extensive 12-step Quality Control process to ensure premium performance.

The company’s engineering and manufacturing team includes PhDs and leading professionals with decades of experience in vape tech.

All of our vape carts are Cat 3, Heavy Metal Certified. Each is packaged with a ceramic core and a 510 thread cart.

The No9 Collection is based in the agriculture-rich community of Wareham, MA, along Buzzards Bay. The bay’s unique microclimate provides a longer growing season and the perfect setting for the cultivation of high-quality, sun-grown crops. The company is committed to environmentally-friendly farming methods including the use of on-site artesian well water, natural amendments, and organic farming practices. This results in ultra-clean plants with unique terpene characteristics.

By growing proprietary strains in an all-natural environment, the No9 Collection has produced some of the most complex and satisfying crops in Massachusetts. As a result, its inventory often rapidly sells out. If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry the No9 Collection, ask the store manager to order some and it can usually be delivered within a few days.

Cannabis may only be purchased legally through a licensed dispensary by adults at least 21 years of age.

To learn more about the The No9 Collection, visit the website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

About The No9 Collection

The No9 Collection is part of the Coastal Cultivars portfolio of businesses that includes local cultivation, craft cannabis products, and retail store operations. With decades of experience in the licensed cannabis industry and both local and national expertise, the Coastal Cultivars team strives to give its customers best-in-class products and a superb retail experience. The team is proud to be part of a progressive movement working to ensure safe cannabis access for consumers, and supports sustainable cannabis cultivation through the Sun and Soil initiative.





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