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What Is The Nano CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures have been popular for years now, but there are some innovative CBD manufacturers who are looking at different extraction methods to create more effective products. Mode has just launched their latest CBD product, the Nano CBD Tincture.

Nano CBD differs from a standard CBD product in the way it is manufactured. When CBD products are made, the CBD first must be extracted from the hemp plant. The extraction process is where nano CBD and CBD differ. When nano CBD is extracted, the CBD molecules are coated with small particles that help the CBD enter the bloodstream faster. This process also removes the terpenes in the hemp to produce a purer form of CBD. This form of extraction results in “nano-sized” molecules that are small enough for the user to absorb the entire dose of CBD and feel its effects within minutes.

This highly effective form of CBD has been able to help users who are suffering from issues such as anxiety, stress, chronic pains, sleep disorders, and depression. Users will experience these benefits all while maintaining mental agility and focus. If users are wondering about the THC content in nano CBD, it will be no different than a traditional CBD product. The extraction process leaves out the parts of the hemp plant that are responsible for a high and keeps the parts that provide mental and physical benefits.

While users will not experience any of the effects associated with THC in Mode’s Nano CBD Tincture, the physical feelings of relaxation upon consumption are easily noticeable. This heightened state of relaxation is what allows users to fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, and experience decreased levels of stress and anxiety. CBD is especially effective for people with anxiety due to its ability to activate the serotonin receptors in the brain. Low serotonin is a major contributor of anxiety and depression.

In addition to improving sleep and symptoms of anxiety and depression, CBD is an effective tool to combat chronic pain. Mode’s Nano CBD Tincture is quickly becoming a favorite amongst people who suffer from chronic pain since it is also water-soluble. One reviewer points out that “Since MODE products are water soluble, my body absorbs the pain relieving properties in A LOT less time than it did with the previous oil based CBD I was on. And for those of us who suffer with chronic pain throughout our bodies, the faster we feel relief, the better.”

Being that Mode’s Nano CBD Tincture is water soluble, it can be mixed easily with water or food while simultaneously being absorbed quickly by the body. The water solubility, in conjunction with the unique nano extraction process, has CBD users everywhere excited about this innovative new product.


About Mode: Mode is a family-owned hemp-derived cannabis company that focuses on creating all-natural and lab-tested CBD products to help promote wellness of the body and mind. Mode has a strong focus on creating high-quality CBD products that are fast acting and highly effective. Their line includes topical as well as ingestible CBD products that are expertly crafted to ensure their maximum potency.

Source: PRWeb