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What Is The Higher Growth Search 2022 Cannabis Salary Guide?

SONOMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Higher Growth Search, one of the nation’s leading cannabis staffing and HR solutions firms, recently released its 2022 Salary Guide. With dozens of roles represented across every aspect of the industry, the Guide provides comprehensive resources, data and guidance to attract and retain top candidates.

As experts in staffing, business operations, payroll, benefits and HR solutions specific to the cannabis industry, Higher Growth Search is uniquely positioned to research and disseminate critical information to support businesses in established and breakout markets across America.

“One of our goals at Higher Growth Search is to leverage our industry expertise gained by working with companies across the cannabis supply chain to enable business leaders to focus on their targeted growth goals,” said Joe Madigan, CEO of Higher Growth Search. “The 2022 Salary Guide provides up-to-date data and analysis to inform hiring strategy for operators in all regulatory frameworks, from multistate to vertical integration.”

The Guide breaks down salaries by position, from entry-level to senior management, as well as executive and administrative roles. It also includes analysis of compensation incentives and a national salary key that details state-specific salary trends.

Employers can access salary information for roles in Cultivation, Lab Extraction & Testing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. Higher Growth Search also captured salary data on Administration, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.

More information about Higher Growth Search can be found here. Higher Growth Search’s 2022 Salary Guide can be accessed here.

About Higher Growth Search

Higher Growth Search is an industry leader in providing advanced employment, staffing and HR solutions to cannabis businesses and organizations at every stage of development and operation. With a combined 20 years of direct experience in the cannabis sector and over 50 years of experience in staffing and recruiting, the Higher Growth Search team gives businesses the proper resources to support their employees, optimize efficiency, maintain safety compliance, and locate and retain top candidates that are right for each role and each company. For more information, visit


Melita Balestieri
Higher Growth Search

Source: Businesswire