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What Is The Higgs Cannabis Brand?

CHESANING, Mich.Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Six Labs, a leading Michigan-licensed cultivator, announced that it is continuing to expand its Michigan portfolio of brands with the addition of Higgs, a popular cannabis lifestyle brand based in Venice Beach, Calif.  In addition to Michigan, Higgs products are also available in Colorado and California.

“We strive to create products that are cool, convenient, taste great and help break down stigmas around smoking cannabis,” said Oliver Higgins, founder of Higgs. “A lot of cannabis is still rooted in, “How high can I get?”  For us, it’s about creating products that are focused on happiness and having a good time with friends and loved ones. We want our products to contribute to the experience, not define it.”

Known for its distinctive ‘90s-era vibe and premium packaging, Higgs’ variety of single-strain packs are for anyone who wants the convenience of a professionally rolled joint ready for wherever life takes you. Each pack comes with six .6 gram pre-rolled joints for an eighth ounce of premium flower in each pack.

Following the launch of their signature pre-roll packs, Higgs has plans to expand its product lineup in Michigan to include infused minis, single serving joints, jarred flower, low dose mints and gummies in the next 12 months.

“Our commitment is to produce and distribute superior products in Michigan with the country’s leading cannabis brands,” said Adam Duke, director of sales for Six Labs. “Launching Higgs as our latest partner is a real honor because it is a fun lifestyle brand.  Higgs really pays attention to their quality and consistency which is the backbone of any brand’s success.”

Initial Michigan retailers that will carry Higgs products include New Standard, 3Fifteen and Joyology.

About Six Labs

Six Labs is a licensed cultivator in Michigan focused on the cultivation of premium craft cannabis products that give consistent experiences consumers can depend on and trust. Its state-of-the-art cultivation lab is setting a new industry standard for award-winning cannabis products with a commitment to the highest standards in quality.

Six Labs won the Vangst’s 2021 Top 20 Cannabis Companies To Work For. Six Labs is the parent company of Candela, Strollers, and MISix. To learn more, visit https://www.six-labs.com/ or follow Six Labs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Leafly.

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