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What Is The Hemper ‘Quick Hitter’?

LAS VEGASApril 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hemper, the leading cannabis accessories and lifestyle brand known for revolutionizing the way customers purchase smoking accessories, is disrupting the industry once again, and adding to convenience stores with a brand new product, the Quick HitterThe company’s most innovative smoking must-have is the first flavored, multi-use, disposable one-hitter made for on-the-go use without sacrificing the customer smoking experience.

“The Quick Hitter is by far Hemper’s greatest innovation to date,” said Bryan Gerber, Co-founder and CEO of Hemper. “As trailblazers in the cannabis industry, we knew there was a universal need for an on-the-go consumption product and wanted to introduce it to the world with the most high-quality, convenient and flavorful way possible.”

Quick Hitter is the perfect solution for the avid cannabis user who cannot always travel with their coveted glass pieces. Available in packs of 2 and retailing at just $2.99, Quick Hitter’s come in five tempting flavors: mango, raspberry, watermelon, banana, blueberry in addition to a classic non-flavored version. Easy-to-use in just three steps- Load the ceramic bowl at the top, Squeeze one or both of the flavored capsule to dispense the desired amount of flavor then finally Smoke and enjoy. The products are made for multi-use, and come in a resealable pouch.

The Quick Hitter is the first official Hemper product that is able to be sold in convenience stores and will undoubtedly increase awareness and exposure of the Hemper brand to a new customer base. Hemper has seen significant growth in recent months, while maintaining their roots and commitment to fulfilling customer demands and constant product innovation.

Hemper continues to provide consumers with the best smoking accessories, and the Quick Hitter will soon become the cannabis-lovers’ next favorite product. The Quick Hitter is currently available for purchase online at

About Hemper:

Hemper is a diversified cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand that designs and sells innovative products for consumers and industry partners in the smoking market. It is a leader in the cannabis industry and offers one-of-a-kind monthly subscription boxes and a la cart shopping for core essentials dedicated to the smoking world. In addition to selling smoking accessories on like bongs, cones, bubblers, dab rigs, dab tools, grinders, rolling trays, vape pens and more Hemper offers monthly subscription boxes which includes 10+ smoking accessories worth more than $100+ every month in value for $40. For more information, visit and follow Hemper on social media @HemperCo.

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