grindarolla cannabis grinder and cone loader

What Is The Grindarolla And What Does It Do? (Video Review)

There are many benefits to grinding up your cannabis flower prior to consuming it, and there are plenty of grinders out there to choose from.

Grinders come in all types of shapes and sizes, some with more teeth than others and some having fancy designs or images adorning them.

It’s also beneficial for various reasons to pack your own pre-roll cones, not the least of which is that many companies and dispensaries refrain from using actual bud in their pre-rolls.

For many cannabis consumers, packing their own pre-roll cones helps save money, in addition to boosting quality. Life is too short to smoke subpar pre-rolls.

Nug jugs are a key component of every cannabis consumer’s hardware. After all, you have to have a place to store your cannabis stash, both at home and while on the go.

Fortunately, cannabis consumers can purchase one device that handles all of those functions. Click this link to watch a video review of the Grindarolla courtesy of The Higher Things Club on YouTube.

Unfortunately, we are not able to embed the video in this article due to age restrictions that YouTube seems to have auto-applied to the video on the YouTube platform.