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What Is The Flowerhead E-Commerce Site?

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Introducing Flowerhead, a new kind of cannabis marketplace created for flower enthusiasts. Flowerhead is shaking up the way cannabis consumers shop online, offering a curated selection of top tier, California craft cannabis and design-forward smoking accessories, while providing sleek, editorial-style images and information directly from the brand or farm along with a link to purchase. Created for both cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike, Flowerhead was designed for users to easily discover, learn about, and click through to buy best in-class craft cannabis – all in one place.


Carving out a niche in the online cannabis retail space, Flowerhead supports brands who prioritize clean cannabis and implement regenerative and sustainable farming methods, highlighting brands and farms that are Sun + Earth certified. With environmental and restorative justice at the forefront of Flowerhead’s social impact initiatives, Flowerhead prides itself on having high values, high standards and highly satisfied customers, doing the research to carefully select premium goods from premium brands, sourced with the planet, the plant and the person in mind.


Flowerhead was created by John Gold, a third generation Angeleno who has been writing, recording and performing music for most of his adult life. John’s musical tastes run far and wide, and he has been known to dig deep and discover new and old songs of different genres, to share with friends and anyone else who might be inspired. Flowerhead is inspired by Gold’s love of music and his ongoing desire to share it – however, now it’s high-quality craft cannabis products that he wants to help people discover.


“Finding a flower or edible or tincture that works for us, or a brand we identify with, can be a lot like unearthing a new favorite song – for the time we are under its spell, it enhances the present moment,” he says. “And often we want to return to it, play it again. I can’t tell you how many friends and family have asked me which product they should get in order to sleep, ease some pain, get creative, etc. I feel honored to spread the word and make a positive difference in people’s lives.”   – John Gold, Founder of Flowerhead


Flowerhead takes a design-first approach to ecommerce through its stylized editorial photos and high quality brand imagery. Through its visual menu system, Flowerhead’s user-friendly website presents all in-depth product information directly from the brands themselves, allowing customers to learn more about each strain and product offered, in order to make a more informed purchasing decision.


Some of the thoughtfully selected, featured Flowerhead brands include: Moon Made Farms, Chemistry, Drew Martin, Goldleaf, Huckleberry Hill Farms, Brother David’s, Cosmic View, Radicle Herbs, Miwak Junior, Briceland Forest Farm, and Vessel. Avoiding both the TLDR of reviews and the lack of depth of many online menu captions, Flowerhead provides at-a-glance product info and stunning visuals from the brands themselves. Each page successfully conveys something often overlooked but very important in today’s crowded market: a story. Brand and product pages show where the brand is located, the region in which the flower is grown, flower type, THC and/or CBD content, cannabinoids and terpene content, when the product was released to ensure freshness, and in some cases, will often show the farmer too. When it comes to partnered cannabis retailers, Gold adds“I’m also looking forward to introducing our users to the best retailers in town, like Cornerstone, LAPCG, THE WOODS, WYLLOW and Trees of Echo Park.” Through Flowerhead, customers can now seamlessly discover, learn about, then purchase directly with just a few clicks, turning the flower shopping experience on its head.


For more information, visit and @totalflowerhead.

Source: Globenewswire