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What Is The ‘Escape Artists Sleep Tincture’?

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Escape Artists, a leader in cannabis-infused wellness products, today announced its foray into the dedicated sleep product category with the launch of Escape Artists Sleep Tincture, now available at dispensaries across Colorado.

The lemon-chamomile Sleep Tincture is a targeted calming formulation containing 1.2mg of THC, along with CBD, CBN, CBG and select terpenes. Like all Escape Artists tinctures, it uses organic coconut (MCT) carrier oil and sublingual delivery to promote efficient metabolization by the body.

“Our line of tinctures fully harness the beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant with intentionally simple ingredients—herbal and earthy, and made with organic coconut (MCT) carrier oil and natural flavorings. Not only does it taste better, but it metabolizes efficiently in your body as MCT is the best natural delivery method for THC and other cannabinoids,” said Dr. Kyle Hammerick, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Escape Artists.

“Product R&D is an exacting process at Escape Artists,” said Dr. Kyle Hammerick, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer for the company. “Multiple prototypes of select terpene and cannabinoid profiles were tested by user panels and scored for attributes including calming, sleep and flavor with a conscientious eye toward adverse effects such as next-day sleepiness or mind fog. This formulation is a perfect complement for pre-bedtime winding down as well as relaxing meditative processes that do not culminate in sleep.”

Escape Artists Sleep Tincture (MSRP: $55-$65) joins a portfolio of THC-only and 20:1 CBD-THC tinctures, quick-dissolving sublingual Flights and other cutting-edge cannabinoid products. For more information, visit

About Escape Artists

Escape Artists specializes in cannabis-infused products for everyday wellness and self-care. Using proven methodologies from the pharmacology and food science sectors, Escape Artists develops game-changing cannabinoid delivery models including transdermal topicals, fast-dissolving edibles and highly bioavailable tinctures. The brand sets the standard for accessible, easy-to-use products with consistent, reliable dosage control for medical applications and recreational use. Founded in 2017, the women-led company is one of the most widely distributed cannabis brands in Colorado and a category sales leader that is now expanding to markets across the United States. Escape To Now:


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