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What Is The ‘Dazed On The Green’ Cannabis-Friendly Music Festival?

Medallion Entertainment Group, organizers of the Dazed on the Green music festival and cannabis expo promise to deliver great music, food, malt beverages and more this weekend. The two day event will be held on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2022, at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds on 900 N Broadway in Turlock, CA.

Medallion Entertainment Group has put together a stellar lineup for the event’s 2022 edition, which will feature performances from Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, E-40, Queensrÿche, and Dead Kennedys, among more than 50 artists and bands scheduled to perform across four (4) stages over the two (2) day event. This 21+ event will have a cannabis consumption area for concert goers to buy and consume cannabis.

“Smoking pot and listening to music is the greatest combination since peanut butter and jelly and why they are the co-headliners of this festival,” said Medallion Entertainment Group’s Michael O’Leary. “With the spread of legalization and evolving regulations, we’re finally having a renaissance in live entertainment where we as attendees who want to consume weed with our friends, eat delicious food and be entertained are finally able to do so freely and openly.

“For that privilege we would be remiss if we didn’t thank the City of Turlock, Stanislaus County Fairgrounds and all the public safety and law enforcement agencies that collectively helped make this event possible,” added O’Leary.

A core mission of Dazed on the Green, which is presented by Stiiizy, the number one cannabis brand in the country, is supporting all types of California cannabis businesses. As such, the vendor village will be showcasing a fair number of equity brands such as Medallion WellnessEquity Trade Certification which sells products from brands such as Chiefing, a Native American owned brand. Other equity brands include SF RootsClarifiedDoloDope FlavorsOakland ExtractsKGB ReserveSanctuary Farms and Conscious Mindz among others. The vendor village will also feature small batch farms such as Sunboldt, a dry farmed CA cannabis co., and True Humboldt, to name a few. Additionally, the vendor village will also have large lounging areas, among other activities, beer & alcohol, as well as a variety of food options.

Supporting sponsors for Dazed on the Green include: Michelob Ultra which is one of only a handful of alcohol and beer sponsors; others include AbsolutXtracts’ HIFIFarmer and the FelonSpace GemsRosette WellnessGuild ExtractsPerfect UnionCoastal Star, Talking TreesMateel BotanicalsNabisPeoples Remedy, and Meadow who will be proving distribution and retail support to make this event possible.

Tickets available at Eventbrite and at the door.

Source: PRWeb