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What Is The Cannabis Industry Alliance Of Oregon?

Three of the state’s top cannabis associations have merged to form a single organization, establishing the leading industry voice and strengthening the industry’s policy making power, grassroots advocacy, and public education. The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA), the Oregon Industry Progress Association (OIPA), and FARMS Inc. are coming together to form an inclusive and united voice.

“We believe what is good for Oregon – strengthening the overall economy and improving economic futures for communities most harmed by cannabis criminalization – is within reach,” said Jeannette Ward Horton of NuProject. “By centering community power and values, the CIA can place Oregon’s cannabis industry as a global model of growth, sustainability and diverse and equitable outcomes.”

The newly merged entity is governed by a nine member board composed of representatives from each organization and made up of businesses of all license types who operate at all levels of the cannabis supply chain. This merger brings together the expertise and leadership of the most influential policy voices within Oregon’s cannabis industry.

“This is a landmark moment for Oregon’s cannabis industry and for the future of our role in the state’s economy,” said Mike Getlin, Founder and President of the OIPA. “After years of close coordination with FARMS Inc. and ORCA, we are excited to begin building the bright future of the industry. We look forward to helping achieve a better business environment, safer and more enjoyable consumer experiences, and stronger relationships with our state and community partners.”

This collaboration is going to make way for advances in business, improvements in public health and public safety, as well as contribute to the ongoing professional development of current – and future – members of the Alliance. Members of each organization will retain their current benefits, including legislative and regulatory advocacy, promotional and marketing opportunities, and networking events.

“We understand the need, as a community, to work together and speak with a unified voice as we go into the 2023 legislative session and beyond. There are many important issues we need to address here in Oregon, and we must continue to raise awareness of the value our industry provides to the state and to our economy,” said Casey Houlihan, Executive Director of ORCA.

“Formally aligning to forward our policy goals is crucial to becoming the strongest voice for our constituency,” said Amanda Metzler, Founder and President of FARMS Inc. “Coming together under the umbrella of the Alliance just makes sense. We are looking forward to building a broad and effective coalition as Oregon’s homegrown industry prepares for the national market.”

The new association will be represented by Leading Edge Public Affairs

Source: emailed press release