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What Is The ‘Bluntness Kitchen’?

The Bluntness, one of the fastest growing digital media and marketing platforms covering the intersection of cannabis & psychedelic culture, commerce and community, today announced the launch of a new community platform, Bluntness Kitchen. Through the platform, the global cannabis community can now obtain members-only access to Chef-driven “kitchens” to learn from the best, and mix with other like-minded culinary cannabis enthusiasts from around the world, as well as purchase a robust array of infused products and participate in exclusive live and virtual events and experiences.

The Bluntness Kitchen is powered by some of the industry’s top culinary icons. Founding Chefs include The People’s Dispensary Co-Founder Chef Charleen Caabay; Chef Sebastian Carosi from Camp Ruderalis; High Times top cannabis chef, Chef Roilty; Executive Chef of the Cannabis Supper Club and Founder of Embers & Ash, Chef Chris Binotto; among several other “cannabis chefs” who join the community as brand ambassadors and advisors, bringing their culinary experiences and knowledge to the masses. Additional partnerships and strategic advisory roles will be forthcoming.

​“People are so curious, and they want to learn, which is why Bluntness Kitchen is such a dope concept. With it being on a major cannabis platform it only makes it better to get the word and knowledge out to the community,” says Chef Caabay. “I wanted to be part of the launch of Bluntness Kitchen because it aligns with my values on educating and teaching folks how to consume wisely. This platform gives us Chefs and patrons a space to engage with each other with no limitations on what people can share and learn.”

Next Level Edibles’ Anthony Jenkins Jr joined Bluntness Kitchen for similar reasons. “Cannabis edibles need a platform where newbies and seasoned enthusiasts can interact, learn, and share their creations. Edibles is a culture. And Bluntness Kitchen is the platform that is driving that culture,” he says.

The Bluntness Kitchen ecosystem will offer a three-pronged user experience:

  • A Culinary Experience Platform where community members can engage with and learn how to cook with cannabis directly from the industry’s top chefs as well as from each other inside a rich, collaborative, community experience:
  • Community Spaces where community members can connect with each other and their favorite chefs inside their dedicated “kitchens” and access exclusive member-only benefits and experiences. These perks include private chats, exclusive events and competitions, private culinary courses, limited collections and more.
  • A Pantry Marketplace, where 21+ community members can find a host of infused and non-infused cooking products, accessories, purchase tickets to events and get merchandise from the Chefs and Bluntness Kitchen content creators.

“The Bluntness Kitchen is an engaging way to help Chef’s, creators and cannabis brands grow a more loyal and engaged fan base, while giving consumers everything they want in one place: exciting recipes, social interactions with accomplished chefs, an “infused” marketplace, live and virtual experiences, NFT collectibles, and more. It is our belief that it will shape the future of how cannabis brands interact with their communities,” said Harrison Wise, Chairman and Publisher, The Bluntness.

To bring the community to life, The Bluntness tapped community marketing veteran, Myles Weissleder of The Higher Tide as the Community Lead for the Bluntness Kitchen. Weissleder, one of the founding fathers of Meetup (the first IRL social network) is widely recognized for creating and leading SF New Tech, once San Francisco’s largest, and longest-running community and event series for startups, as well as for co-founding FoodBytes!, the preeminent community for innovators in food and agriculture. Weissleder will drive community initiatives at The Bluntness, launching Bluntness Kitchen first with other Bluntness communities to follow.

The Bluntness will be hosting several live and virtual events following the launch of Bluntness Kitchen. For more information, please visit and subscribe to our newsletter.

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