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What Is The Bio-Dri™ CBD Product?

PITTSBURGHApril 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hemp Synergistics, a leader in the cannabis industry, announced today they have joined forces with Rinus Beintema, one of Europe’s most recognized medical cannabis proponents, to deliver long sought relief with ground breaking hemp-infused treatments for thousands of pain and symptom sufferers.

Over the past year Hemp Synergistics, a cutting-edge laboratory and manufacturer, has been working hand in hand with well-known cannabis legalization advocate Rinus Beintema and his non-profit group Suver Nuver to develop condition-specific custom-cannabinoid treatments as a user-friendly successor to cannabis oil.

The maximum THC percentage for CBD products is 0.05 percent in the Netherlands, considerably lower than the 0.2 percent found in the rest of Europe. Beintema needed an end-product guaranteed to maintain legal compliance and set out to find an advanced laboratory and manufacturer to assist.

Enter Hemp Synergistics, an innovative Pittsburgh-based biotechnology company that specializes in extracting, isolating, and standardizing the active molecules in hemp.

The company had already conquered absorption of these substances, referred to as “bioavailability“,  by preventing the body from breaking them down in the digestive process. This solves the problem by encapsulating the active hemp molecules by utilizing a patent-pending process and product known as Bio-Dri™, which causes a “Trojan Horse Effect” allowing the body to pass these substances by protecting the active ingredients from destructive enzymes to provide an outstanding absorption rate.

Hemp Synergistics went to work in their state-of-the-art laboratory to reproduce the cannabis oil formulas of Suver Nuver as precisely as possible in powder form using industrial hemp and created a final product guaranteed to stay within performance metrics specifying no more than 0.05% THC.

Soaring patient-satisfaction rates proved the success of this new powder. Clinical trials were conducted with 300 volunteers, with 82% reporting the same or better effects from the new solution over the oil-based product, an amazing result considering the hefty reduction in the amount consumed.

Suver Nuver has since expanded their clinical trials to over 30,000 patients. This will be followed by a full-country roll-out in Netherlands in Q3 and expansion into Germany in Q4.

“We have joined forces to create and deliver what is likely the most valuable, efficient and cost-effective all-natural concept on the CBD market today with a new product that is easier to consume and ten times more effective and more affordable.” Said Hemp Synergistics Co-Founder, Russ Cersosimo“There’s truly nothing like it in the world.”

Beintema, ecstatic with the outcome, affirmed: “This is the most effective and efficient product available, significantly better than the oils we have been working with for the last six years.”

Dan Kohler, CEO Hemp Synergistics We are thrilled to partner with Rinus and we share his passion for patients and their overall wellness. The synergies are boundless and we embrace our continued collaboration on product development for the good of all his patients now, and in the future.”

About Hemp Synergistics: A biotechnology company that specializes in molecular encapsulation of active hemp ingredients, creating new products from scratch, and remediating THC.

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