Magic Number Cannabis-Infused Sodas

What Is The Best Cannabis-Infused Soda In Oregon?

Soda in general is a very popular beverage product with a number of options out there at stores, fast food establishments, and sit-down restaurants. The cannabis-infused beverage sector is largely in its infancy, and cannabis-infused soda is merely a subset of the young sector, however, cannabis-infused soda is getting more popular among consumers and patients with every passing day.

Cannabis-infused sodas, and other beverages for that matter, are a great way to consume cannabis in a smokeless form. After all, not everyone wants to hit a bong, pipe, or dab rig. Furthermore, many consumers and patients are burned out by the usual gummies and cookies. Drinkables provide a great alternative.

Drinkables are becoming more popular in Oregon specifically, and the best soda in the state is made by a company called Magic Number. The Magic Number ‘Sasparilla Soda’ is far superior to anything else that you will drink in Oregon. Below is more information about the product via a product video review on The Higher Things Club channel on Youtube: