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What Is Stirling CBD?

CARY, N.C., Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stirling CBD announces the release of its new maximum strength CBD Magnesium Balm to its CBD lotion lineup. With 2000mg of CBD per 4oz jar, it is the most potent CBD balm available. The Balm also includes Magnesium from the Dead Sea and Arnica and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, which may be helpful in treating inflammation and osteoarthritis.

Allison Thompson, Vice President of Stirling Product Development, explains, “Magnesium has its therapeutic effects and has been a favorite of sports trainers, nutritionists, and athletes for years. Topical magnesium application should be the ultimate way to replenish cellular magnesium levels since every cell in the body bathes in it. Magnesium passes directly into the tissues via the skin, where it is quickly transported to cells throughout the body.”

All Stirling CBD Lotions have an incredible 2000mg of CBD in each bottle. Stirling CBD Lotions and balms are infused with Cannabidiol and can be directly applied to the skin.

“We did a lot of competitive research, and we discovered there was a huge opportunity to create CBD lotions that not only maximize the CBD content but also utilize proven ingredients in the formulation,” Thompson added.

Any CBD lotion’s effectiveness greatly depends on its source and quality. Stirling’s new Magnesium Balm is a solid addition to their award-winning lotion lineup that includes four other creams explicitly built for your needs:

  • CBD Muscle Gel is an invigorating gel that provides a powerful cold-hot sensation. This product is a must-try and is created by cooling menthol, warming capsicum, and camphor oil. It is their top-selling, lotion-based CBD lotion for inflammation.
  • Lavender CBD Lotion – A complete and nutrient-dense Lavender lotion formulated to hydrate and soothe. It offers the famous calming properties Lavender is known for, all wrapped up in a high emollient, easily absorbed lotion. An excellent option for winding down at the end of the day, after a relaxing bath, or for a soothing spa treatment.
  • Aloe Vera CBD Lotion is perfect for soothing the skin after the beach and calming sunburns, and its great-smelling coconut and banana fragrance smells like the beach. This fast-absorbing formula moisturizes skin while penetrating deep into the epidermis, promoting a soothing effect on muscle and joint discomfort while supporting a relaxed state. Great for all skin types.
  • Menthol CBD Lotion – This lotion has the maximum amount of CBD and menthol to relieve sore muscles and joints. This lotion is perfect for people who work hard, play hard, and work out hard. Stirling also adds all-natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Organic Coconut, Leaf Juice, and Sunflowers.

About Stirling CBD

Founded in 2014 in Santa Cruz, California, as a premium cannabis flower company, Stirling launched its first CBD products in 2018. Stirling continues to lead in new product innovation and quality and sells a full lineup of Hemp-Based CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC Products. In addition, Stirling launched its Professional Brand – Stirling Professional CBD – which is sold exclusively to Chiropractors, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, PTs, and Massage Therapists.

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