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What Is SmokeOut Cannabis RTU Spray?

SARASOTA, Fla., Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabis usage is becoming more common, with 21 states now having legalized its use. However, that has created problems for businesses, as the substance’s pervasive smell bothers many customers – the mayor of New York City has cited it as residents’ top odor complaint. EcoClear Products, a company dedicated to providing safe alternatives to chemical cleansers and pesticides, offers a solution with SmokeOut Cannabis RTU Spray, a product that neutralizes the smell of cannabis through its proprietary chemistry.

EcoClear founder and CEO Christopher Stidd said hospitality, real estate, property management and car rental businesses struggle the most with cannabis odors.

“The smell of cannabis can be tough to remove from items like drapery, upholstery, linens and carpeting, involving multiple treatments and ‘airing out’ over several days,” Stidd said. “But SmokeOut Cannabis completely neutralizes odor molecules from unburned or smoked cannabis. It’s a game-changer for businesses that were struggling to manage the scent and keep customers happy.”

Smoke Out Cannabis uses EcoClear’s proprietary vapor phase technology to chemically alter and neutralize odor molecules from cannabis odors. This patented technology eliminates odors at their source, either in the air or on fabrics and other porous surfaces. It can be used in carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and electrostatic sprayers, following manufacturer directions.

SmokeOut Cannabis can save businesses money in multiple ways, Stidd said: “Because it works instantaneously, cleaning staff can turn around rooms and vehicles more quickly, and by presenting an odor-free space, the business can keep and retain clientele more easily.”

SmokeOut Cannabis can also help businesses that are located near smoke shops or cannabis-growing operations but do not want to experience the odors coming from those establishments, he said.

EcoClear Products uses patented, proprietary compounds and processes that have won Presidential Awards for “green” chemistry. The chemists on the EcoClear Products team are passionate about creating innovative solutions as the company continues to expand its offerings of green cleaning and odor-neutralizing products for homes and businesses.

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EcoClear Products, Inc. is a leading developer of specialty products, which include ecological cleaning, odor removal products, and pest control solutions. Based in Sarasota, Florida, and founded in 2013, EcoClear’s mission is to develop innovative and effective products safe for people, pets, and wildlife. EcoClear has been recognized for its commitment to advancements in sustainable chemistry and efficacy. For more information visit

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