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What Is Sauce Essentials?

SANTA ANA, Calif.Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sauce Essentials debuted their highly anticipated California launch at Hall of Flowers on December 8th and 9th in Palm Springs. The distinctive cannabis brand has gained popularity over the last year by bringing its customers high quality, innovative products that are continually evolving to go above and beyond industry demands. With 10 incredible flavors in the sativa, indica & hybrid profiles, Sauce Essentials prides itself on its ability to house a product unique to its consumer in a way no cannabis company has thus far.

Hall of Flowers, a licensed, industry-only B2B show that facilitates commerce between premium licensed cannabis brands and retailers, will proudly display Sauce Essentials’ newest product: The Sauce Bar. This high potency distillate pen infused with live resin is changing the game with its compact device that is affordable and convenient. Created by a team of industry experts, Sauce Essentials is bringing fun and individuality back to cannabis products.

In their quest to continue leading the way, Sauce Essentials’ CEO, Graftan Darnall, forged a major deal earlier this year with GrowPacker, a licensed cannabis co-packing and distribution company which has gained notoriety by its ability to efficiently mass  manufacture products for both regulated cannabis products as well as open market CBD products. Growpacker has licensed several patented THC and CBD infusion technologies, which has allowed them to design and manufacture some of the most premium cannabis brands on the market.

With all of these exciting new ventures for the wildly popular start-up, 2022 is gearing up to be a year of endless possibilities as Sauce Essentials products will be available in dispensary stores across the entire state of California. Look for real-time updates on their website (soon to be and join their over 15k followers on Instagram @SauceXtracts for news and press releases relating to their much anticipated launch and rebranding.

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