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What Is Organic Remedies Missouri?

CHAFFEE, Mo., Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Organic Remedies MO is ringing in the new year with a new product line for patients certified under the state’s medical marijuana program. Based in Chaffee, MO, Organic Remedies cultivation and manufacturing has successfully completed its first harvest and production is in full swing. The company expects the new product line to hit dispensary store shelves in late January.

The new Organic Remedies branded products will include flower, distillate vaporizing cartridges, live resin vaporizing cartridges, live resin extracts, pre-rolls and a unique extracted product for Missouri consumers, THC-A Sand.

“We are excited to complete our first harvest and launch our new Organic Remedies product line. Thanks to our talented team of cultivators, extraction technicians and packagers, we are proud of this first harvest and excited to deliver high quality products at affordable prices to Missouri patients,” said Cody Boyer, Organic Remedies Account Executive.

Organic Remedies products will not only be sold in its own Organic Remedies dispensaries, but also in several other dispensaries across the state, including Taste Buds, BesaMe Wellness, Liberty Dispensaries, and From the Earth, to name a few.

“Our products will be available in nearly every area of the state so that Missouri patients will be able to consistently experience the difference in our unique strains, formulations and dosages,” said Boyer.

Now that the first harvest has been completed, the company expects to harvest medical marijuana crops on a consistent cycle, allowing continuous delivery of fresh products to its own dispensaries, as well as its partner dispensaries.

About Organic Remedies MO
Organic Remedies MO is a vertically integrated medical marijuana company that cultivates, manufactures, and dispenses medical marijuana products in Missouri. Organic Remedies grows and manufactures premium medical marijuana products that are available in dispensaries across the state of Missouri. As an organization, Organic Remedies is committed to improving the overall wellness of patients by producing and dispensing affordable quality medical marijuana products while continuing the advancement of medical marijuana therapies through genetics, collaborative research, and superior patient care. Based in Chaffee, Missouri, Organic Remedies cultivation and manufacturing facility provides safe, effective medical marijuana therapies to certified Missouri patients for state-approved health conditions. Organic Remedies dispensaries are located in Cape Girardeau, Sedalia, and St. Louis. For more information, visit www.OrganicRemediesMo.com.

Janice Spurlock
Dir., Marketing and Communications

Source: Globenewswire