What Is Hemper?

LAS VEGASNov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following five years of a persistent pursuit to obtain a .com domain, Hemper, a leading cannabis accessories and lifestyle brand that designs and produces products for consumers and industry partners, acquired full ownership of Hemper.com in October 2021. Even though the domain purchase did not come at a bargain price, the subscription box and cannabis accessory company knew the importance of owning a .com e-commerce business replacing the longstanding Hemper.co.

In the six years since its launch, Hemper has grown into a well-known retailer in the cannabis industry. Assuming ownership of the .com domain was critical for its continued development for Hemper’s business in the coming years and imperative for the business to retain ownership of all related assets that could be deemed intellectual property.


“Typing in ‘.com’ to a search bar following the name of a company is a natural consumer behavior that streamlines the process of having users interact with an e-commerce site and overall help with our SEO,” said Co-founder and CEO of Hemper, Bryan Gerber. “Obtaining a .com domain was never a, ‘should we,’ question and was always a strategic move for Hemper as we want to be known as the go-to smoking accessories in the .com world, similar to how Chewy.com is for dogs.”

Hemper launched in 2015 as a curator of monthly, limited-run cannabis accessory boxes and now has an excess of monthly subscribers shipping out more than 500,000 boxes to date. The company’s limited-run boxes include celebrity-designed and curated editions with original artwork that have become collectors’ items. Hemper also designs and manufactures its own innovative smoking accessories, selling them through its online store and in more than 1,000 retail stores nationwide.

Hemper’s rapid growth has paralleled the acceleration of the marijuana legalization movement and with the acquisition of the Hemper.com domain it will echo a greater shift in the developments of the cannabis industry. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted across the country, there is now a greater opportunity for Hemper as a .com domain to capitalize on the lucrative market.

About Hemper:
Hemper is a diversified cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand that designs and sells innovative products for consumers and industry partners in the smoking market. It is a leader in the cannabis industry and offers one-of-a-kind monthly subscription boxes and a la cart shopping for core essentials dedicated to the smoking world. In addition to selling smoking accessories on Hemper.com like bongs, cones, bubblers, dab rigs, dab tools, grinders, rolling trays, vape pens and more Hemper offers monthly subscription boxes which includes 10+ smoking accessories worth more than $100+ every month in value for $40. For more information, visit www.hemper.com and follow Hemper on social media @HemperCo.

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