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What Is Flow Cannabis’ ‘Flow Direct’?

REDWOOD VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flow Cannabis Co., California’s best-selling sungrown flower company whose brands include flagship label Flow Kana, premium extracts line Caldera, and value flower brand Roots, today announced the launch of FLOW DIRECT, a direct-to-consumer delivery service that allows Californians across the state to experience small-batch, sungrown craft cannabis by having their products brought right to their doors. In addition to Flow Kana’s top-shelf Farmer’s Reserve imprint, FLOW DIRECT specializes in rare and unique genetics — perfected over generations by independent farmers — that are rich in minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

“Flow Cannabis Co. was founded in 2015 to bring the best sungrown cannabis from the Emerald Triangle to every part of California — and eventually the nation,” says Michael Steinmetz, co-founder of Flow Cannabis Co. “Our vision has always been that the Emerald Triangle’s exceptional cannabis should be available to every adult who would like to experience it. Unfortunately, only 32% of California cities allow brick-and-mortar cannabis retail, so it can be difficult to come by.

“As the State of California continues to work towards developing a workable regulatory framework, we built FLOW DIRECT to connect with consumers who want to experience the balanced and terpene-rich content of quality sungrown flower,” Steinmetz adds. “We hope to use the FLOW DIRECT platform to educate the market and build consumer awareness of the benefits of the sungrown cannabis category, to create value for the entire supply chain, especially our retail partners.”



Formed with the 2015 launch of Flow Kana, its top-selling flagship brand of craft sungrown Emerald Triangle flower, Flow Cannabis Co. embodies the California Way, a tradition of legacy and artisanship not found anywhere else in the world. Headquartered in Mendocino County, the gateway to the world-renowned Emerald Triangle region, Flow Cannabis Co.’s 300-acre campus is on the site of California’s first organic winery. The campus offers unrivaled scale and infrastructure, featuring a 170,000-square-foot processing and manufacturing facility; a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art extraction facility. Establishing the first-ever Emerald Triangle supply chain and extending it across the state, Flow Cannabis Co. works with the best CPG brands in the industry to offer a wide range of services, including processing, co-packing, manufacturing, white-labeling, distribution, and crucial last-mile delivery. Flow Cannabis Co. also operates Hopland’s Solar Living Center to help visitors better understand essential sustainability practices and methods via hands-on experiences. Supporting operational hubs, facilities, and campuses across the state — Flow Cannabis Co.’s goal is to exemplify the California Way. www.flowcannabis.co #theCaliforniaway


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