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What Is Country’s Light Cannabis Product ‘Win The Day’?

LOS ANGELESNov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Eaze co-founder Jamie Feaster is betting on mainstream consumers’ cannabis adoption as his new brand, Country, announces their second product – Win the Day – and expands into retailers throughout California. Along with Green Street co-founder, Rama Mayo – and with the backing of Gary Vaynerchuk and Justin Kan – the team has introduced the first smokable, light cannabis line into a market currently dominated by brands optimizing for THC concentration.

“Cannabis today is, on average, four times stronger than it was in 1995 — but we’ve seen with the expansion of low-dose edibles and beverages that folks are also looking for a lighter experience,” said Country CEO Jamie Feaster. “We want Country to bring social, productive cannabis mainstream.”

As low-dose products have dramatically increased their market share, recent data reports that 46% of cannabis sales remain attributed to flower purchases. As Feaster and team evaluated the modern cannabis market, they saw a gap between the social element of smokable cannabis and the evolving consumer preference for lower-dose experiences. Their response was the conceptualization of Country.

The brand’s first two releases – Good Neighbor & Win the Day – are crafted for every day, anytime use.

The brand’s first release – “Good Neighbor” – is a crafted 1:1 blend of two heirloom strains: an uplifting Jack Herer sativa for a motivating effect, and a calming ACDC CBD. Together, the combination provides an approachable, productive, lighter experience.

Second in the brand’s line-up is “Win the Day”– titled for its motivating, energizing effects. The whole flower pre-rolls are a 1:2 blend of CBD-rich Pineapple Tonic & THC-forward Watermelon Rancher, intended for a weekend hike, a home game tailgate, or a long, outdoor run.

Country took a fresh approach to cannabis packaging with the proprietary technology in their jar’s pump-top — a reusable vacuum seal that removes air and keeps cannabis fresh longer. The team also plans to release product-branded capsule collections in collaboration with their Art Director, contemporary artist Matt McCormick.

With the potential for the Light Cannabis’ category to capture mainstream consumers, Country’s line up of support spans from Gary Vaynerchuk to Justin Kan, and includes a broad set of investors who contributed to the company’s initial investment round. Early adopters cite the founding team’s innovative approach to solving consumer challenges in an industry that could grow to be worth $100 billion dollars by 2030 as the root of their interest.

“In this rapidly growing industry, intentionality in brand and product is critical,” says Vaynerchuk. “With the first ‘light cannabis’ blend, this team is creating a category to expand the market — just like Miller did with light beer. The potential is endless.”

With their brand, packaging, and product line – Country’s mission is to create cannabis you can count on. Country can be found on Eaze, and select retailers throughout California.

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Country is a lifestyle brand that creates social, productive cannabis experiences consumers can count on.

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