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What Is “Chronic Magazine: Weed Near Me”?

The launch of the Chronic Magazine’s new app has caused an uproar among weed tech companies. The new “Chronic Magazine: Weed Near Me” app provides cannabis resources and news with interactive maps and social groups to challenge cannabis censorship and provide a safe space for discussion.

Users can explore cannabis-related events on the maps as well as see dispensary listings, get the latest updates on legalization initiatives, and have access to products and services that are just a swipe away.

The developers behind the app believe that it will become an essential tool for cannabis users, activists, businesses, and professionals combating the stigma and educating about the plant’s medicinal uses.

However, some weed tech companies have denounced the app’s launch as competition for their own products, which could mean fewer profits for them in the future. This has created quite a controversy within the industry.

With more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, many entrepreneurs are trying their hand in this growing industry. But one company is standing out among the rest The Chronic Magazine, They are the fastest-growing cannabis magazine in the U.S. They started in the booming marijuana market in Oklahoma and now has branched out to readers all over the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The Chronic Magazine has just announced the launch of its new Cannabis News APP. This APP will have everything from up-to-date cannabis news, strain information, cannabinoid profiles, CBD & Terpenes information, Psychedelics information, and cannabis recipes from world-renowned Chef Buz Deliere! As if that wasn’t enough, they have included Interactive Maps so you can find Dispensaries and marijuana-related events near you.

This app is different than any other weed tech company because it offers more than an interactive map that users can use to easily find dispensaries near them but also they can stay up-to-date on marijuana news with ease! It also has a social function called “Sesh Groups” where users can join and connect with like-minded people from around the world. They aim to stop cannabis censorship and allow people to converse freely around the plant. They do have a MOD team they have put in place to stop the spread of illegal activity and to ensure that anyone new to the use of marijuana can have resources that are trustworthy.

The Chronic Magazine App is set to revolutionize how people access cannabis-related information, while potentially causing disruption within the weed tech industry.

The App is available on both Apple and Android.

Source: PRWeb