What Is Box4Grow?

GrowBoxCo, a producer of extremely high-quality and affordable growing container solutions, has announced that it has changed its name to Box4Grow. The name change comes in conjunction with a significant expansion of its business that services the cultivation industry for cannabis and other crops.

“Cultivators today face a range of challenges from space limitations and climate change to budget restrictions and maintaining crop quality,” said Greg Payne, CEO and founder of Box4Grow. “Our rapid-to-deploy grow box solutions enable growers to streamline the start-up process and measure time to value in weeks, not months.”

Box4Grow designs and retrofits 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot shipping containers and builds flexible modular grow rooms, warehouses and greenhouses that provide a controlled environment for cultivators regardless of space or climate. The boxes provide the ability to build a uniquely scalable operation for growers of cannabis and other leafy greens, microgreens, and herbs as well as many other crops that fit any grower’s specifications.

To meet the rapidly growing needs of its cannabis cultivator customer base, Box4Grow has partnered with an experienced supply chain company to expand production and enable the company to offer customers a choice of container farms, modular system farms, and greenhouses.

“We are excited to bring our business to the next level,” said Payne. “We will continue to produce high quality, affordable growing solutions to our ever-growing customer base including corporations, collectives, dispensaries, and independent growers.”

About Box4Grow
Our growing units are designed by growers for growers. Box4Grow was founded in 2016 as GrowBoxCo with the goal of creating closed environment growing facilities for growers of a multitude of crops. The company built these on their own farm in Hudson Valley, New York by retrofitting shipping containers. Five years later, in a state-of-the-art warehouse, Box4Grow has delivered over 200 containers to businesses across the United States. The growing units are designed by growers for growers. With a Box4Grow grow room, professional or personal growers have the freedom to design their own space and build a sustainable and flexible horticultural business.

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Source: PRWeb