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What Is BestCannabisAnswers.Com?

Interest in the cannabis plant is far from a new thing, however, the level of interest seems to increase with every passing year. That is due in large part to recent cannabis reform victories that have created new freedoms all over the globe. More people have cannabis questions than ever before, and that is why we created – to provide credible answers to the ever-growing list of cannabis questions.

The creators of this resource have authored thousands of articles about cannabis over the course of many years, covering virtually every cannabis topic on earth. We have also helped cannabis reform campaigns across the United States and helped launch multiple celebrity cannabis brands. Our desire to learn more about the cannabis plant and everything related to it is infinite.

Accurate cannabis information is vital to the future of cannabis reform and the industry it creates. For many decades cannabis propaganda misinformation was pushed by opponents, and in recent years, misinformation has been promoted by nefarious actors in the cannabis space to promote their endeavors. Both are a huge problem, however, putting the spotlight on accurate cannabis information helps reduce the issues that arise from each.

Medical cannabis patients benefit from accurate answers to cannabis questions. Consumers also benefit from the same. Credible cannabis information benefits entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. When you have a cannabis question and find the right answer make sure to share it with friends and family both in person and on social media.

If you have a cannabis question, look for the answer on our site. If we haven’t answered it, feel free to email us your question so that we can look into it and publish what we find out for all to learn from: