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What Is Aforé™ CBD Face Cream With Retinol By Dr. Few?

CHICAGODec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aforé™ by Dr. Few, a clinically developed skincare line built around Dr. Julius Few’s innovative Four Dimensional Beauty™ philosophy, proudly unveils its CR Emulsion, a first-of-its kind, clinically-tested facial cream that uniquely combines CBD, retinol and a blend of peptides to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and other key signs of aging without the harsh side effects of traditional retinol solutions.

Through rigorous clinical testing and a cutting-edge ingredient profile discovered by Dr. Few, Aforé CR Emulsion harnesses the wrinkle-reducing power of retinol while mitigating irritation and increasing tolerability for all skin types with the addition of CBD.

“CBD alone has shown immense promise in cosmetic medicine, when it’s incorporated properly and with synergistic ingredients,” shares Dr. Few. “CBD is anti-inflammatory and pro-healing in nature. I believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant CBD properties are an essential component of protecting the skin and contribute to the graceful aging of any skin type.”

A ground-breaking clinical study led by Dr. Few demonstrates the effectiveness of adding CBD, a naturally anti-inflammatory ingredient, to the base 0.2% retinol solution, which maintains the anti-aging properties, but with reduced side effects. The 42 day study reveals a significant reduction in both static and dynamic wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and pore size in 100 percent of patients who used the CR Emulsion, with zero patients reporting significant irritation during the 6 week trial.

Of the product’s inception, Dr. Few shares, “When I began seeing patients in Beverly Hills, I was exposed to cannabis and became very curious about its potential benefits. Just because an idea originates outside traditional medical pathways does not mean it is irrelevant. I realized that very little work was done to research the medicinal properties of cannabidiol on the skin. That was enough for me to take another look and subject the compound to clinical research and ultimate development.”

Developed through years of clinical curiosity and research, the CR Emulsion was designed by combining ingredients which act on complementary biochemical pathways important in maintaining the skin’s health and preventing aging. By combining solubilized CBD and retinol (along with other carefully selected peptides), the well-established ability of retinol to improve cellular turnover and decrease the depth of fine lines and wrinkles is maintained, while solubilized, medical-grade CBD counteracts irritating effects (like redness or peeling) that would otherwise occur.

In addition to its impressive anti-aging properties, CBD also helps maintain skin’s barrier function, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, as well optimal sebum production. Notably, the CBD used in this study is water soluble. Most often, CBD is dissolved in coconut oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which can clog pores, or make skin look oily or dull.

The CR Emulsion retails for $299.95 at aforebeauty.com.

Afore is the beginning of a new approach to beauty and skincare. Literally translated to ‘Beginning’ or ‘Before’, Aforé aims to restore and maintain your skin in a state of before — before sun damage, before exposure to pollution, and before signs of aging. Using Dr. Julius Few’s innovative Four Dimensional Beauty approach, Aforé condenses the best in clinically-validated, proven formulas into simple skincare regimens. Formulated, tested, and prescribed by Dr. Julius Few, Aforé is ultimately designed to deliver natural beauty to every skin type. From first impression to everyday interaction, Aforé makes natural beauty your beginning.


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