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What Is A $PUFF Token?

Vienna, Austria, Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Blockchain Wire)

Stoned Ape Crew is excited to unveil its platform, which revolves around staking, earning PUFF, and evolving your apes with four roles. Notably, the project sold out the presale tokens in two minutes. The $PUFF token was selling at $0.42, eight times since the mint started. After only two days, the volume rose to over 1.42 million.

Nuked Apes Collection

Nuked Apes is a precious collection due to its limited production and unique appearance that will stick out on Solana. Because they can produce Nuked Apes, the group adds value to $PUFF and the OG Apes collections.

Under the use of 1420 $PUFF, two Apes of various positions from a rescue squad can be deployed on a rescue mission. The quantity of $PUFF necessary to go on a mission will increase with the number of missions hosted and overtime to make it more challenging to breed more Nuked Apes and cap the supply. There will also be a hard cap of 5000 Nuked Apes, challenging to reach.

Users will obtain an Action NFT of the Mission after completing a rescue mission, which will take three days. They are also considering issuing a limited number of 400-1000 tokens in a public mint for 3-6 SOL + $PUFF in a Dutch Auction to fund their mission and expansion into the Cannabis Industry.

$PUFF Tokens

The Stoned Ape Crew NFT’s utility token, $PUFF Token, will be utilised in the Cannabis Industry to pay for CBD, Weed, and other accessories such as pens. The total supply of the $PUFF token is set at 420,000,000.

In the Stoned Metaverse, $PUFF will also play an important role. Stoned will burn massive portions of the supply to fund the first-ever NFT Evolution Process, breed Nuked Apes NFTs, and do the side collecting. The platform will burn $PUFF, reducing the circulating supply.

The only methods to obtain $PUFF are through exchanges or staking a Stoned Ape from the Genesis Collection from

Staking $PUFF Tokens

From the total supply of $PUFF tokens, 65% will go to staking. You can stake an Ape on our website to get $PUFF tokens every day. Notably, Apes with roles receive twice as much $PUFF per day. Staking will be available near the mint. Role Apes get $30 PUFF per day, Chimpions earn $15 PUFF per day, and Sealz Apes earn $169 PUFF per day (there are only 16 in the Genesis Collection).

As the website puts it, the staked token will allow you to live in the stoned metaverse like  Bob Marley’s father.

$PUFF Token Use

Currently, SAC has partnered with various dispensaries in the United States to provide holders discounts and the chance to pay in $PUFF. As a result, you can practically buy your weed with $PUFF. You can obtain free cannabis if you own a Stoned Ape. They hope to soon expand this into CBD stores and online businesses in other nations.

In the future, you can use $PUFF to purchase CBD, Delta-8 Products, Stoner Merch such as Grinders or Lighters, and Merch such as Hoodies from the Stoned Ape Crew Online Store.

About Stoned Apes

Stoned Ape Crew revolves around staking, earning, and evolving your apes with four roles. It was created by a celebrated artist @stoner0015. Each Ape was procedurally generated from a collection of hand-drawn items.

Stoned Ape is the first NFT with four roles: Scientists, Business guys, farmers & artists. The team invented a concept for an NFT evolution, a combination of normies and tokens to send your Ape into retreat. You can find more information on the project at their:




Source: Globenewswire