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What Are Watercolors Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Waters?

LOS ANGELESMay 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — California lifestyle brand Calexo is delighted to announce the launch of Watercolors, a new collection of cannabis-infused sparkling waters and an accompanying streetwear apparel line. Made with sparkling water, natural flavors, and nano-emulsified THC (5mg per 12oz can), Watercolors are precisely dosed for an uplifting and easy-to-control experience. A refreshing alternative to alcohol, Watercolors feature zero sugar and zero calories. Available in three flavors, Fuschia, Spring and Sea, Watercolors will be available in 4 pack boxes at select California dispensaries from May 2022.

Watercolors sparkling waters are inspired by the flavors and landscapes of California and feature a rapid onset time of 15 mins and an offset of one hour. “After launching our debut cannabis drinks, Citrus Rose and Cucumber Citrón in early 2020, people told us they loved our unique flavors but would like a smaller-sized, lower-dose drink. Watercolors delivers on this request and offers people the delicious flavors and delightful design they have come to expect from Calexo, with zero sugar, zero calories and no hangovers” said CEO Ian Colon.

“Delightful taste is our north star, our refreshing nuanced flavors defy expectations by reshaping how we approach social drinking; exciting the senses while offering a quick sessionable lift.” said Chief Creative Officer Brandon Andrew.

“We hope that Watercolors will give people who are curious about cannabis the confidence to try something new knowing that it’s a light and low impact option for feeling good in your body.” Ian continued.

Founded by a team of artists and creatives, Calexo has always been design and experience focused. With the launch of Watercolors, Calexo has expanded beyond drinks and is now offering apparel. Brandon explains “Calexo’s new apparel line is a natural extension of our philosophy of helping people feel good in their bodies.  To compliment and celebrate the pride in our drinks we’ve made a rich line of casual street wear for our community.”

Calexo’s Watercolors are created with emulsion technology from Vertosa, was produced at Tinley and will be distributed through a new partnership with the SuLo distribution group.  Watercolors will be available in 4 pack boxes throughout California starting in May 2022 starting at a suggested retail price of $20 per box of 4 units +tax

About Calexo
Founded by artists and creatives in 2019, Calexo is an LGBTQ+ and BIPOC owned California-based lifestyle brand that is creating delightful experiences.

Calexo launched its first sparkling cannabis drinks in 2020. Made with sparkling water, natural flavors, and nano-emulsified THC (5mg per 12oz can) Calexo beverages are precisely dosed for an easy-to-control, uplifting experience that brings a smile to your mind. Calexo beverages are meant for sipping and savoring for a rapid onset of 15-minutes and an offset of one hour.

To find Watercolors in California or to view the apparel worldwide please visit calexo.co, or high -five the brand on Instagram @drinkcalexo@calexo.co, on Twitter @drinkcalexo and on Medium @drinkcalexo.

How Does Watercolor work?
With 5mg of THC per 12oz bottle, Watercolors are meant for sipping and savoring with a rapid onset of 15-minutes and an offset of one hour. Carefully-selected cannabis oil is nano-emulsified to create tiny THC droplets that mix uniformly throughout each bottle of Calexo. These microscopic particles are absorbed quickly under the tongue and when swallowed so that the pleasant cannabinoid effects are quickly felt. Unlike edibles, Calexo provides a much more immediate sense of relaxation in response to the THC and passes through the system in a shorter amount of time.

For more information, get in touch: info@calexo.co


Source: PRNewswire