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What Are Tissue Culture Explants?

DRAYTON VALLEY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Noble, an industry leader in craft-cannabis, is excited to announce the safe arrival of the first 3000 explants of “Fine Cookies” (Ice Cream X Biscotti) to BatheraFarms in Portugal. As part of Noble’s Premium Genetics Program, a total of 9000 explants will be provided to the Portuguese Cultivator. The agreement will grant BatheraFarms exclusive right to grow and distribute Finished Product of a total of 3 prized cultivars in the EU, Israel, Switzerland, and the UK.

Leveraging Noble’s Genetic library, Commercial Cultivation Protocols and Tissue Culture expertise will provide a fast-track for BatheraFarms to become an industry leader in their respective, emerging market.

By delivering BatheraFarm’s full first production run in plant form, they waste no time building mother-stock, and are immediately ready to produce their first crop. This is an advantage that can only be provided by Noble’s Premium Genetics Program.

Noble Growth’s Master Grower, Lucas Nielsen, had this to say following the successful shipment:

“Having this deal come to fruition is exciting for our founders and me. For the better part of a decade in the legacy market, we had amassed a small army of commercially viable cultivars. Even now, our Pheno-Hunt Program remains the core of our strategy. We always knew this would set Next Friday apart in the highly competitive domestic market, and we’re happy to gain international partners who will utilize our experience and steadfast commitment to quality to gain a strong foothold in their respective markets.”

About Noble

Noble is a Canadian Cultivation company, and Legacy-Market Veteran, that is quickly emerging as a Global Leader in their industry. Their product quality, yield, and extensive genetic selection is unmatched in Canada. While on their journey to providing the absolute-best the industry has to offer, they have developed cannabis-specific tissue culture methods that have raised-the-bar for industry-standard Cultivation. Their proprietary practices have permitted Noble to completely sidestep the downfalls most Cultivators experience. Notably, destructive plant pathogens, pests, and genetic degradation. Using only the highest-quality, meristem-derived germplasm, Noble’s production metrics will continue to eclipse the rest of the industry for years to come. Industry partners, domestic and international, who are looking for the same cutting-edge advantage are invited to partner with Noble to tap-in to the best Canada, and indeed the world, has to offer.


Media: Scott Huska, CEO,

Source: Businesswire