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What Are The Best Cannabis Strains For Sleep, Stress, And Sex?

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As legalization of recreational cannabis expands, a new survey shows nearly 50 percent of first-time purchasers are nervous or embarrassed, and nearly 10 percent are dressed to avoid recognition. Global online survey company QuestionPro turned to its panel of more than 1,000 professional budtenders to get the scoop on the best strains for a variety of uses to demystify the cannabis shopping experience.

“While asking your neighbor may be one way of finding what’s trending, a more reliable and less embarrassing approach is going to your local cannabis dispensary and talking to a professional Budtender,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro. “With this research, first-timers can confidently ask for products based on what they want to use it for.”

Budtenders are responsible for guiding customers about the effects, benefits, and overall experience of cannabis products. Dispensary employees serve as important guides to using cannabis products, and tailor their customer and patient service to all levels of experience. In short, they know their stuff. Here’s what they have to say.

Attributes of First Time Purchasers

  • 32.42% are nervous
  • 19.11% are eager
  • 15.45% are embarrassed
  • 12.52% are confident
  • 11.11% are humble
  • 9.4% – are dressed to avoid recognition

Best Strains for Sleep

  1. Blackberry Kush 18.43%
  2. Master Kush 14.38%
  3. Purple Punch 13.08%

Best Stains for Sex

  1. Rainbow 15.91%
  2. Trainwreck 11.93%
  3. Watermelon Zkittlez 11.06%

Best Strain for Stress

  1. Strawberry Banana 14.67%
  2. Lava Cake 11.45%
  3. Blue Cookies 12.31%

Best Strain for Newbies

  1. Northern Lights 16.59%
  2. Blueberry 13.63%
  3. Blue Dream 11.91%

Best Strain for the Munchies

  1. Black Diamond 13.12%
  2. Ice Cream 15.83%
  3. Cherry Pie 13.86%

Best Strain for Energy

  1. Pineapple Express 16.76%
  2. Green Crack 11.71%
  3. Sour Diesel 11.71%

Best Strain for Creativity

  1. Lemon Berry Candy OG 15.36%
  2. Berberry Cheesecake 14.56%
  3. Blue Dream 14.56%

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