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What Are The Best Cannabis Gummies In Oregon?

When it comes to cannabis gummies sold at licensed dispensaries in Oregon, Drops cannabis-infused gummies (or ‘jellies’) are the best. Dozens of companies now sell cannabis-infused gummies in Oregon, and many of them claim to be the best, however, Drops cannabis gummies are actually the best in Oregon.

For starters, Drops gummies have a taste that is unrivaled. Whereas many cannabis gummies in Oregon basically taste like you are chewing on a chunk of cannabis shatter, Drops have an amazing flavor. There’s still a hint of cannabis in Drops gummies, however, it’s far from overpowering, and serves to accent the main flavor of the gummies.

Secondly, the price of Drops gummies is very reasonable. You may find cannabis gummies in Oregon that are cheaper, however, every dollar saved is ultimately lost via purchasing an inferior product that tastes terrible. Several cannabis gummy products in Oregon are priced above Drops, and even though they are more expensive, they are not as good.

Another great thing about Drops cannabis-infused gummies is that they come in so many different flavors, cannabinoid ratios, and potency levels. Drops makes 1:1 CBD to THC products, 4:1 products, and others in between. They also make full-THC and full-CBD gummies.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the Drops packaging is the best in the entire industry (not just in Oregon). Drops come in tin containers that can be used for storing things well after the gummies are gone. Other cannabis gummy products are packaged in plastic that cannot be recycled and is not suitable to be repurposed. Click this link to watch a YouTube video review of the Drops lime-flavored THC gummies. If you are in Oregon, make sure to check out Drops and pick some up when you visit a reputable dispensary.