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What Are Stoned Apes ‘Nuked Apes Collection’ NFTs?

Vienna, Austria, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Blockchain Wire)

Stoned Apes, a Solana-based protocol, plans to launch a unique NFT collection known as Nuked Apes. The new innovation is keen on taking a different model that sets it apart from the original Stoned Ape collections. On top of that, introducing the Nuked Apes concept could uplift $PUFF token, the platform’s native asset.

A New Set of Characters

Stoned Ape Crew gives users the ability to possess four NFT roles. The professions available for holders include scientists, artists, businessmen, and farmers. In that regard, breeding the Nuked Apes characters will require the participation of two apes with different roles. Together, they form a team that takes part in a three-day rescue mission.

Each teammate receives an action NFT item to successfully carry out the mission. What’s more, participating in the assignments attracts a 1420 PUFF fee. Stoned Apes Crew hopes to increase the number of duties and PUFF charges needed to go on a mission. That way, the platform can make the Nuked breeding process tougher to manage.

Stoned Apes is also working on attaining a maximum hard cap of 5000 Nuked Apes and a low public mint distribution of 400-1000. Each Nuked NFT should cost between 3-6 SOL + PUFF using the Dutch Auction mechanism.

Hosting the public mint allows Stoned Apes to grow and opens up access to the Cannabis industry.

Asset Utility and the Underlying Team

PUFF token represents Stoned Ape’s primary digital asset. Holders can use the token to acquire marijuana accessories like pens, CBD, and other weed products.

A burning procedure is in place to eliminate several tokens from the market supply. Instead, the burnt tokens will cater to the Nuked breeding procedure, side collections, and the NFT Evolution Process. Undertaking the burning procedure helps safeguard the platform’s token value in the long run.

Staking is yet another use-case that the PUFF token supports. It involves holding a certain amount of tokens to generate rewards. Hence, Chimpion holders can make 15 PUFFs daily while Sealz and Role Apes earn 169 PUFFS and 30 PUFFS every day.

The team behind Stoned Apes comprises individuals skilled on different levels. It is home to community developers, managers, artists, an ambassador, and a technical analyst.

Future Developments

Stoned Apes looks forward to meeting various goals that may boost its growth. The mainstream application of PUFF tokens is one example of the protocol’s long-term targets. An increase in the usage rates makes it easier to maintain PUFF’s token value.

Users can also expect the roll-out of an online store from the Stoned Apes ecosystem. Once it launches, users can buy stoner items such as hoodies, lighters, and Delta-8 products. The project further plans on developing a DAO structure, Web3, and providing their own holder verification solutions as a SaaS product.

As a bonus, Stoned Apes will host a multi-planetary collection and build coffee shops in Germany and the US.

Stoned Apes aims to promote the application and ownership of digital assets through NFT roles. Users can stake, collect, or trade their Apes as they experience the Stoned Ape metaverse concept come to life.

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Source: Globenewswire