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What Are Restart CBD Party Packs?

AUSTIN, TexasJune 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RESTART CBD, the award-winning Austin-based company with a mission to change the hemp industry for the better, is launching a lineup of new products perfect for summer social outings, as well as the introduction of their Party Packs, which feature nine 6-packs to provide enough to share with the group.

The new lineup includes:

  • Delta 9 Rosé Wine Sour Bears are the only rosé-hemp products on the market and are perfect for bachelorette parties or days by the pool; available in 6 count, 40 count, and Party Pack (nine 6-packs) sizes
  • Delta 9 THC Mango Power Shot, easy to take on-the-go to provide that extra mental boost you’ve been waiting for

Similar to the “California Sober” trend, where individuals abstain from drinking but partake in hemp products, Austin is seeing a rise in popularity of legal hemp products in place of alcohol as they continue to take advantage of the city’s busy social scene. The trend of replacing alcohol with hemp products is taking off around the country as well, with many adults believing CBD is safer to consume than alcoholic beverages.

“It’s clear that people are looking for alternative ways to unwind and still indulge in their vices. What I love about cannabis is it is a plant first and foremost, and it has so many awesome applications from wellness to recreation – that no matter what mood you are in or want to be in, there are products to accommodate that,” says Licenced Therapist and speaker, Vasavi Kumar.

The health-and-wellness-focused residents in the Capital City are shifting from social drinking to social hemp, so much so, that many local parties cater products instead of hiring bartenders. RESTART has begun offering event services, including the option of an on-site cannabis sommelier to guide guests through the products and find the right fit for them.

“I think people are catching on that alcohol has a lot of side effects that compromise our minds and bodies, especially as we age,” said Kumar. “I personally no longer drink but love the RESTART Delta 9 THC Mango shots as a beverage alternative to chill me out without the worry of a horrible hangover; in fact, I usually end up sleeping like a baby-waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on my day!”

As the CBD industry grows, RESTART aims to provide accessible information and science-backed resources alongside high-quality products for all consumers or those that are canna-curious. For more information or to check out products that may suit your lifestyle, visit www.restartcbd.com.

About Restart CBD

Voted the #1 Dispensary in Austin, TexasRESTART CBD is an education-first CBD wellness brand. Founded by three sisters who are passionate about taking the stigma out of using CBD, and utilizing its amazing healing powers to help change consumers’ lives. Restart CBD offers a wide range of high-quality 3rd party tested cannabis products ranging from sublingual oils, edibles, hemp flower, vape, topicals, pet treats, delta 9 and more. The brick-and-mortar location is based in North Austin, and all products are available for nationwide customers at restartcbd.com.


Source: PRNewswire