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What Are Organic “Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls”?

A brand new caliber of organic marijuana pre-rolls with verified quality flower, high potency, and a slow, even burn hits shelves on Thursday, crafted exclusively from Clean Green Certified whole flower — never shake.

On the heels of a wildly successful soft-launch in all Maggie’s Farm dispensaries on December 6, Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls will be available in dispensaries throughout Colorado starting December 16, 2021.
Unlike most competitors, every Pure Blaze Pre-Roll contains nothing but the finest single-source Clean Green Certified cannabis, which follows the exact same criteria as the USDA’s National Organic Program and is rigorously lab-tested for potency and purity. Free from non-organic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, this magnificent flower is sun-grown in organic soil before being slow-cured, hand-trimmed, and precision-rolled in natural unbleached paper to create arguably the smoothest and purest smokable on the market. This is where old-fashioned craftsmanship meets modern-day perfection.
Aside from their convenience and portability, these personal-sized pre-rolls offer smokers a single-use product that doesn’t require them to share spit or snuff it out unfinished. Unsurprisingly, the single-use option has been well-received during the ongoing pandemic.

Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls are available in two eye-catching and affordable packages: a 2-pack of 0.5-gram pre-rolls and a 5-pack of 0.35-gram pre-rolls. And to ensure selection as well as sky-high standards, these pre-rolls are available in a delectable variety of premium strains that run the gamut from indica to sativa to hybrid, with artisanal attention to cannabinoid and terpene profiles for maximum effect.

“These pre-rolls are quick, easy, and potent, and the size is just right to prevent canoeing,” said Sharon Montanez, VP of Sales at Maggie’s Farm. “With no shake and no compromises, we strive to provide our customers with the cleanest and highest-quality organic cannabis around.”

Pure Blaze, named both for the cannabis slang and the distinctive “blaze” marking found on horses, also places a strong emphasis on protecting animal rights in Colorado. That’s why Pure Blaze sponsors a local animal sanctuary and welcomes their horses to graze freely on the farm, with additional collaborations planned for the future.
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Source: PRWeb