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What Are Extrax CBD Vapes?

NEW YORKDec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Onassis Holding Corp, (OTC: ONSS), a wellness holding company specializing in healthcare, technology and the distribution of nutraceuticals and herbal-based medications, has launched sales of the Extrax CBD vape formulations.

The formulations were developed in the UK and is particularly unique, offering five different mood experiences.

All of Onassis’ marketing operations of Extrax will be carried out by Ananda Labs Inc., a US subsidiary of Onassis. The Extrax vapes will be added to The Company’s wide range of wellness products and will be sold in the EU and North America.

Prior to launching sales, Onassis performed extensive lab tests over the past year. The lab results were extremely positive leading Onassis to open a unique store for CBD Vapes.

The Extrax development team believes that we can master our mood and improve our lives with the support of natural extracts. Extrax’s first product, a CBD vape, is called “The Evolution of Inhalation”.

Vaping is an easy, effective way to use CBD for body and mind wellness and has a range of benefits. In the case of vaping, the CBD absorption is very high, as inhaling bypasses the digestive tract and sends CBD into the lungs and directly in the bloodstream in a short time, with maximum effect.

The Extrax vape formula is straightforward. It comes with broad-spectrum CBD Hemp extract combined with Cannabis derived terpenes, in high-quality vaping devices, without any stabilisers or additives of any sort, which creates a new market level of vaping by setting a new “vaping smart” trend.

Broad-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) hemp extract contains a wide variety of naturally occurring cannabinoids which, together with terpenes and flavonoids, make it capable of the “Entourage Effect”. This effect happens when all elements in the hemp extract work stronger together to provide maximum effect and create powerful, holistic results.

Every CBD Vape formulation contains 320mg CBD and 80% cannabinoids in total, and blended with unique cannabis derived terpenes, which gives vape products flavours of famous Cannabis strains, such as; Lemon Cake, Pina Colada, Mango Kush, Strawberry Fields and Blueberry Shot.

⁠EXTRAX vape products have premium design and reliable ceramic heating elements that gives an exceptional experience, where high-end technology merges with extensively safe and researched natural ingredients. ⁠

About Extrax:

EXTRAX Ltd is a U.K. based wellness company, developing and supplying premium plant-based products enhanced with innovative technologies. The Company was founded by a team of experts involved in developing different Hemp-based herbal products and plant extracts for over five years. Their experience shows that plants have the most far-reaching, positive, and well-documented impact on the human body. The Company operates with an ongoing agenda to rediscover these compounds in plants and bring them to our lives through modern technologies in the shape of easy-to use wellness products.

About Onassis Holdings Corp

A wellness holding company specializing in healthcare, technology and the distribution of nutraceuticals and herbal-based medications.

The Company is currently focused on distribution of nutraceuticals and herbal-based medications in the wellness sector, along with future plans for manufacturing new products for this market. Onassis has begun working with the world’s top nutrition experts for innovative manufacturing and marketing collaboration. The Company has selected products that passed in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies of herbal and marine formulations utilized and documented by traditional and natural medicine in over thousand years to ensure that our ingredients are effective. Our herbs are hand-selected and reasonably sourced only from authentic medicinal material cultivation areas, designed to be fully traceable from harvest to extract.

Onassis Holdings is headquartered in New York City, with its warehouse and fulfillment offices located in Long IslandNew York. Onassis originally incorporated in 2004 in the State of Nevada.

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